Eagle Grove, Iowa

The maintenance team of Prestage Foods in Eagle Grove, Iowa!

Prestage Foods of Iowa is a child-company that specializes in food production. The plant recently opened in March 2019 and the maintenance team was needed right out of the gate. Food production is often a complex process, and thus it requires a lot of constant equipment maintenance. 

At the Eagle Grove plant, one of the maintenance team’s first tasks was tuning all of the technology and machines to be able to support the volume of production they were about to begin.

Michael Kermmoade, Maintenance Superintendent of Prestage Foods Iowa, says:

“Maintenance is responsible for overseeing all equipment that produces quality food for the world to eat. The goal is to get the best yields to customers. Common practices include maintaining quality assurance robots and a daily oversight of PM’s (preventive maintenance activities) to improve the product flow for production.”

The plant itself does have numerous automated production lines, meaning that many machines are operated by robots. Nonetheless, “facilities still need labor” and “now they need maintenance personnel with two-year electronics degrees, machine operators, and engineers.”

In the coming years, Prestage Farms of Iowa’s Eagle Grove plant anticipates growth of not only production, but also of the maintenance staff.

Thank you to the Prestage Foods Maintenance Team for everything you do!