Pursuing His Passion

Michael Lavoie is passionate about helping facility maintenance and service companies through digital transformation. He went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. After graduating, many of his friends seemed to be taking jobs in the IT startup world. Being fairly risk-averse, Michael did not think that route was for him. Thus, he decided to take an offer made by UPS as a Facility Maintenance Specialist. 

Improving Reliability and Transforming Businesses

Michael quickly made a name for himself by conducting an engineering study on component failure and conveyor belt reliability for facility maintenance in the Northeast. Soon, the reward for Michael’s hard work started paying off. Within three years, the Northeast district had moved from the bottom of the barrel in conveyor belt reliability, to number two in the entire country. A structured approach to improving conveyor belt reliability was born and the methodologies and practices became standard.

The improvement in reliability was transformative to the local maintenance departments. Michael says,

“Morale was extraordinary! We had more fun, we felt like winners, we were perceived as experts, and we were enabled to try new experimental ideas.”

From then on, Michael burned with the desire to lead another business transformation.

Becoming an Expert

Michael continued his studies and has since earned his MBA from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island and various certificates in lean management, including Harvard University Online business analytics program. Michael has worked for Cushman & Wakefield Services and City Building Engineering Services (CBES) prior to launching MPL Consulting Services, LLC in July of 2019.

Michael provides digital transformation services to facility maintenance companies through an impressive network. In 2020, MPL Consulting Services, LLC formed a partnership with Oxygen Ventures. The partnership enables Michael to provide enterprise level solutions to companies around the globe.

Revolutionizing the Industry

“Transformation is possible for your maintenance business! The miracle is not that systems and methodologies like Upkeep work, it’s moving from not doing it to doing it. Let’s elevate your maintenance!” 

Michael loves maintenance and repair businesses because making incremental improvements can have profound results. For example, when tools like automation are implemented, it can save hours every day. These moments mean so much to him because he knows just how much time and care goes into seeing a project come into fruition.

Michael’s home maintenance team hard at work for the family.