What We’re Doing 

Today, the UpKeep team is broadcasting a message across the country from the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square to the LA Times – “To all the heroes in maintenance, THANK YOU!”

We’re launching this campaign coast to coast to spread awareness about a group that often goes underappreciated, and we are SO excited! We know this may seem a little unusual, but we saw an opportunity to say thank you in a huge way and just couldn’t pass it up.

So, to all the heroes in maintenance who support and sustain our world, thank you!

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UpKeep’s Unsung Heroes in Maintenance Campaign on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square, NYC.

Why We’re Doing This

We’re doing this because we know what it takes for maintenance teams to do all the hard work that they do on a daily basis. Not only that, but we see them doing it and rarely being acknowledged for it. Maintenance and facility managers are typically only thought of when something at your facility is on fire or broken so badly that it’s out of commission, like that air conditioning unit that breaks down in the summer heat. The truth is, though, that maintenance and facility workers are the people responsible for sustaining every building we step foot into, they’re in every industry, and are in every country in the world. They make a huge impact on everyone’s lives, every single day, whether we’re aware of it or not.

And they often do it without any recognition whatsoever.

We believe that these are the people in today’s society that help keep us afloat. They keep the lights on, so to speak, and enable us to do our work better. We want to celebrate the wonderful men and women that you are. We want to shine the spotlight on you, just to say thank you.

Who This is For

This day of thanks is for all the people we often walk by without realizing what they’re doing for us. It’s for…

  • the custodians keeping office buildings across the country clean and ensuring our fire alarms are always up to code.
  • the maintenance technician who works to fix AC units in 100° summer heat.
  • the electrician risking their life on telephone poles to fix power lines after a tree pulled them down in a storm.
  • the welder at a manufacturing company who keeps their equipment efficiently running so their products are created safer for us to use.
  • the engineer guaranteeing the removal of wastewater contaminants to bring you clean, drinkable water.To all of those people, and more, thank you.

Our Commitment to the Future

Our commitment to the future is to you. We will continue to say thank you. We will continue to recognize the amazing work you do every day. It is our mission to empower you to revolutionize your business, and we are committed to designing our solution with you in mind.

To learn more about the Unsung Heroes in Maintenance, read their stories at: https://www.onupkeep.com/maintenancehero/

– Ryan Chan, CEO at UpKeep & The Entire UpKeep Team