S2:E28 2021 State of Maintenance Report Recap with Rob Kalwarowsky and Ricky Smith

In this episode of MIM, we are excited to have Ricky Smith and Rob Kalwarowsky on the show to talk about the 2021 SoM Report!

Hosted By:

Ryan Chan


In this week's episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have two familiar faces back on the show, Rob Kalwarowsky and Ricky Smith! Ryan, Rob, and Ricky were on a panel together recently to discuss the 2021 State of Maintenance Report.

The report features the voices of over 1,000 maintenance and reliability professionals, as well as 25 industry thought leaders. This report revealed some awesome insights about team goals, shared challenges, opportunities for innovation, and so much more.

For this episode, Ryan, Rob, and Ricky do a bit of recap and debrief on the report, and share their own personal thoughts and reflections on the report’s findings! Listen today!

Episode Show Notes

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