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Never lose sight of your critical asset needs ever again.

UpKeep’s intelligent and intuitive preventive maintenance tool helps today’s maintenance professionals prevent asset breakdowns before they happen. Achieve the full useful life of your equipment with UpKeep’s preventive maintenance software.  

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Meet your most essential preventive maintenance scheduling tool.

Prevent equipment breakdowns and lost production with calendar-based preventive maintenance

Make any work order repeat based on days, weeks, or months passed. Reschedule based on the preventive maintenance completion date or a strict time interval.

Reduce maintenance costs and maximize uptime with runtime-based Preventive Maintenance

Use UpKeep’s Meters feature to create PMs based on machine cycles, vehicle mileage, or any other unit of measure — ensuring a flexible maintenance program that can be set by various triggers. According to the US Department of Energy, companies can save an average of 12 to 18 percent in costs by investing in preventive maintenance.

Ensure consistency by adding checklists to Preventive Maintenance

Create customized checklists for routine inspections, walkthroughs, safety checks, and standard maintenance activities. Then apply the checklists to any recurring work order. Standardize your equipment inspections and prevent major safety issues that may arise from an equipment failure.

Run reports for Preventive Maintenance and make smarter decisions

View completed preventive maintenance based on the assigned technician, team, asset, or location. Pull insights including maintenance compliance, work order aging, and time and cost reports in UpKeep Analytics. Report cost savings to upper management and gain visibility into work order trends month over month.

Simplify asset tracking and management today with UpKeep

Put preventive maintenance on auto-pilot and track asset downtime and costs from one easy-to-use app.

Manage preventive maintenance operations from the palm of your hands.

  • Manage your preventive maintenance schedule from your office or on the go with UpKeep’s cloud-based computerized maintenance management system.
  • Enable technicians to easily carry checklists and manuals for preventive maintenance in their pockets.
  • Enable operators and technicians to easily log meter readings for runtime-based preventive maintenance tasks.
  • When preventive maintenance is complete, technicians can easily close them and log details on the spot.
  • Achieve the full useful life of your assets through implementing consistent preventive maintenance schedules. 

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Future-proof preventive maintenance

The world of maintenance is constantly changing, and you need a CMMS that will keep ahead of the curve. UpKeep’s maintenance management software provides you with modern tools that allow you and your team to keep up with your assets’ maintenance needs.

Schedule preventive maintenance

Most preventive maintenance tasks happen on a regular schedule—weekly, monthly, or even daily. UpKeep makes it easy to schedule recurring PM tasks with our mobile app. Set PMs based on regular time-based intervals, create work orders, and assign those work orders to technicians, all from your smartphone or tablet.

Discover maintenance needs based on usage

Runtime-based preventive maintenance is easy to schedule with our mobile app. Have technicians or operators enter meter readings into the system, then set recurring PMs at specific intervals. When the set number of cycles is reached, the system automatically creates a work order which you can assign for completion.

Speed up repairs with checklists

Quickly create and attach checklists to PM work orders to make sure each task is completed quickly and accurately. Checklists make it simple for technicians to see exactly what needs to be done to mark each work order complete. You can even include custom items for routine inspections, safety checks, and regular maintenance tasks.

A CMMS that managers love

Our CMMS software makes it easy for managers to pinpoint preventive maintenance needs, schedule tasks, and assign work orders. This leaves more time to focus on core business objectives.

With the streamlined maintenance management UpKeep provides, those who manages assets, facilities, or properties are able to handle crucial preventative maintenance tasks, without pulling time away from moving their organization forward. Companies are able to focus on improvement and progress instead of constant “firefighting” whenever equipment fails.

Empower technicians and repair workers

UpKeep makes a technician’s job much easier by putting all the resources they need right in the palm of their hand. With quick access to work order details, checklists, manuals, and other information through a mobile device, technicians can handle routine tasks promptly, while also fixing problems whenever they arise.

Keep staff and machinery safe

Keeping up with preventive maintenance tasks helps prevent breakdowns, which in turn prevents major safety issues that may arise from an equipment failure. On top of that, by scheduling PMs in advance through our CMMS, you’re able to make sure equipment is properly locked and tagged out by the time your technicians need to access it.

Cut down on costly repairs

Keep costly repairs to a minimum by preventing equipment failures with regular maintenance. With the ease of PM scheduling offered by UpKeep, you’re able to stay on top of important maintenance tasks that keep assets in top running condition. No missed PMs means that problems are handled before they develop, keeping your equipment running longer and operating more reliably, while minimizing repair costs.

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