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Property maintenance software that's easy to use

Keep your guests and tenants happy. Schedule preventive maintenance and increase repair times.

Our basic plan is 100% free. No credit card required.


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Avoid complaints with recurring work orders

Automate routine maintenance activities like light checks, HVAC inspections, and pool cleanings to improve guest satisfaction

Keep tenants updated on repairs

If you manage long-term stay properties, tenants can easily submit maintenance requests and view the status of them at any time.

Spend more time on improvements

Spend less time organizing maintenance work and more time thinking ways to improve the guest experience.

Trusted by building managers in hospitality, retail, and real estate

The property management team at Qbic Hotels, a trendy hotel property in London and Amsterdam, uses UpKeep for managing everyday hotel duties ranging from housekeeping to preventive maintenance.

UpKeep’s property management maintenance software is also used by major hotel chains like Marriott and real estate companies like Mon Abri and Caruso.

"Implementing UpKeep was really simple and, more importantly, the team using it found it simple as well.”
- Mariusz Maziarz, Hotel Manager @ Qbic Hotels