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You can save even more with UpKeep.

Here are the average savings we’ve seen among some of our most successful UpKeep customers.

Minimize Labor Costs
Maximize your payroll hours by integrating UpKeep into your daily workflow.

  • Generate instant work orders

    On average, UpKeep users see about 1 hour saved per day in generating work orders.

  • Reduce unplanned work

    UpKeep users see an average of 10-50% time reduction in performing unplanned work.

  • Create reports quickly

    On average, UpKeep users see a 10-30% savings in time creating reports.

  • Locate spare parts

    1 hour a day can be saved in locating spare parts with UpKeep.

Maximize your Equipment
Reduce downtime and increase reliability with preventive maintenance on UpKeep.

  • Increase production value

    UpKeep users see a 10-40% savings in production costs per year.

  • Maximize production hours

    On average, UpKeep users see a 15% savings in idle equipment time per year.

  • Increase asset lifespan

    Users often report that they save 15% per year in monthly reactive maintenance costs.

  • Peace of mind

    Users are 61% less likely to be concerned about unplanned equipment breakdowns.

These values were sourced from actual UpKeep customers who reported their annual savings, as well as a third-party total economic impact report compiled by Forrester.

Make maintenance management Easy

A powerful mobile tool that anyone can pick up quickly.

Maintenance and operations teams that use a mobile CMMS experience up to a 652% return on investment through better communication and consistency.

  • UpKeep is 100% Cloud Based
    • so you can access your information anywhere.
  • Available on Android and iOS
    • keeping all of your members in the loop
  • Connect in real-time
    • by using our state-of-the-art technology

We’re fanatical about your success with UpKeep.

The McCormick & Company Success Story

When Jordan took over the maintenance department, he knew the company needed to move toward a more proactive system, so he tried out UpKeep.

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UpKeep - A Total Economic Impact for us.

UpKeep, a CMMS/EAM solution, provides a centralized digital record for facilities to file work orders, log asset information, monitor parts and inventory, and track asset performance.

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Based on 1500 reviews on Capterra, G2, SoftwareAdvice and Google.

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