State of Maintenance 2021 Report

Over 1,000 maintenance and reliability professionals took part in the most diverse industry report to date. 

This new report features the voices of maintenance community thought leaders and organizations. Throughout the report, we reveal insights into:

  • Maintenance and reliability team goals
  • Commonly shared challenges
  • Opportunities for innovation 

Read the free report below to learn how these trends may affect your team in 2021. 

Survey Says...

Over 1,000 maintenance and reliability teams took part in the State of Maintenance 2021 Survey and answered a few key questions. How would you respond?

Survey Says: Maintenance and Reliability Teams Have Been Financially Strong Through COVID-19

66% of maintenance teams say their budget is either staying the same or increasing in 2021.

Survey Says: Company Size and Software Choice Influence Implementation Success

33% of respondents say new software is difficult or very difficult to adopt on their teams.

Survey Says: There Is a Big Disconnect Between What Matters and What is Measured

Teams said the biggest challenges were unplanned breakdowns and documentation of completed work. The same teams said that preventive maintenance is the most important metric to measure. 

Survey Says: COVID-19 Has Accelerated the Digital Transformation in Maintenance and Reliability

66% of teams say they use a CMMS to track their maintenance program. This is up 24% from our survey in 2019 where 42% of teams said they used a CMMS. 

Dig a Little Deeper

Did you find the results surprising? If so, you are not alone. Experts from the maintenance community weighed in on these results. To learn their take on how these trends could affect teams in 2021, download the free full report below.

The Past and Future of Maintenance and Reliability

Discover the results from the most diverse maintenance and reliability survey ever conducted with over 1,000+ professionals. Read the 2021 State of Maintenance Report to learn more about trends affecting your team.

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