Advanced Account Set-Up

UpKeep Set Up

Now that you’ve got the data in to your UpKeep Account you can now get your account set-up for Preventative Maintenance!

  • Step 1: Create Form Templates
  • Step 2: Create Preventative Maintenance Schedule
  • Step 3: Create and Set-up Meters
  • Step 4: Set-up Your Request Forms

Step 1: Create Form Templates

Form Templates (Check Lists) allow you to reuse specific Form Items for easy use in work orders. Most commonly, these are used for inspections where you have a list of subtasks or checklist items that you’d like to include as part of a work order. Once we have our Form Templates created we can easily and quickly add them to Work Orders

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Step 2: Create Preventative Maintenance Schedule 

Preventative maintenance is work done on a repeating schedule to prevent failures or breakdowns. This could include monthly inspections, parts replacements, or detection reporting. The goal of preventative maintenance is to detect and avoid issues before they become an issue. With our preventative maintenance module, you can easily create repeating work orders over a given frequency (daily, monthly, annual, etc). This way your team can move from reactive to a more proactive maintenance mindset!

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Step 3: Create and Set-up Meters

With our Meter feature, you can quickly schedule work orders according to meter readings. We can measure mileage and other measures. This way you can begin to plan maintenance that is based on usage not just fixed time. We set-up Meter Reading Triggers, once you’ve achieved your set measure, a work order is automatically generated!  

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Step 4: Set-up Your Request Forms

Requests are a central part of any teams Work Flow. Requests can come in from different users throughout the team to be approved by an Administrator to become a Work Order. With UpKeep we have the ability to edit our Request Forms so that we can get the information we desire to best create a Work Order. We have our Request Form for our Requester Users, users who have an UpKeep login.

On our Professional Plan we also have our Request Portal which is a URL that we can distribute to people outside of our UpKeep team (such as tenants or employees). When submitting requests through the Request Portal you will receive email updates regarding the status of the Work Orders.

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