How to Import your Data

Basic Data Importing

Uploading your own data in UpKeep is easy. We’ve made it even easier with our quick how-to guide!

1- Export Data: Export the data from your current CMMS / EAM tool. Most CMMS / EAM tools give users the ability to export their data as a CSV file

2- Clean Data: Before migrating your data into your new UpKeep account, take the time to review and clean up your data. Remove old inventory, equipment, and any outdated information!

3 -Map Data: Next, you’ll need to map your previous data fields to your new UpKeep data fields. Simply use our Location/Asset/Inventory Template to map out your data. (Download the Sample Templates within your location/asset/inventory tab!)

4 -Import Data: Now you’re ready to import your data into your UpKeep account. Simply navigate to the right section or tab, click on the “Import” button in the top right-hand corner of the assets page, and import your Location/Asset/Inventory Template Sheet!

How to Import Data

[tip] Want to learn more? Join our Data Importing Webinar here or check out the video tutorial here! [/tip]