How to Create and Manage Purchase Orders

Inventory running low? Beginning with the Business Plus Plan, users can use UpKeep to create Purchase Orders to send to your vendors. In this article we will explain how to create Purchase Orders on the web application.

[tip] At this time, you aren’t able to create a purchase order on the mobile iOS and Android app, but you can still use a browser on your mobile device to log into the web application! [/tip]

Purchase Orders and Purchase Requests

With purchase orders and requests, your company will now have a central place to have your team submit requests for parts, equipment, or inventory that needs to be restocked — all from within UpKeep, no PDF required.

Here’s how it might work:

  1. A new work order gets submitted to the facility management team.
  2. A part is needed to fulfill that particular job.
  3. Employee A comes into UpKeep’s purchase order portal and submits a Purchase Order (PO) request.
  4. The Admins on the team get notified, approves the purchase order request, and sends it to the vendor.
  5. The vendor ships the part to your facility.
  6. Once the part has been received, mark that in the PO as fulfilled, and then your inventory will be automatically restocked!

[tip] Check out the section below on how to submit a purchase order request for more information![/tip]

Alternatively, the admins on the team may see a part or multiple parts are running low. They can simply create a purchase order themselves to restock the inventory for those parts.

How to Create a PDF Purchase Order

  1. Navigate to the Parts/Inventory section
  2. Select the part you want to purchase
  3. Select “PDF Options” then “Purchase Order PDF”
  4. Fill out the form with the necessary information
  5. Select “Preview Purchase Order PDF”
  6. Download/Print PDF


Create a Purchase Order from your Parts section

  1. Go to your Parts section
  2. Select your desired Part
  3. Select Create Purchase Order
  4. Fill out the necessary information and if needed, include other parts too!
  5. Submit and Approve it if its good to go!


How to Submit Purchase Requests

  1. Navigate to Purchase Orders
  2. Create a New Purchase Order
  3. Fill out the form details
  4. Select Submit
  5. The purchasing team gets notified to evaluate, then approve or decline
  6. If the part is approved, once it’s received from the vendor, the purchasing team marks the PO as Fulfilled
  7. Inventory is automatically restocked

Submit a Purchase Request

​How to Approve a Purchase Order Request

  1. Navigate to the Purchase Order section
  2. Click on the request awaiting approval
  3. Evaluate that the request is necessary
  4. Click Approve


How to ​Fulfill (or Partially Fulfill) a Purchase Order

  1. Once the shipment comes in, navigate to the Purchase Order section
  2. Click on the correct Purchase Order
  3. Select Fulfill
  4. Enter the received amount. If the correct amount was shipped, just match the quantity requested. If not, just input the amount you received and the PO will be marked as partially fulfilled.
  5. Click Fulfill!

[tip] Unable to fulfill the PO or experience an error? If the ordered amount shows as blank, a “Received” amount may have already been entered. Enter 0 to fulfill the PO.[/tip]


Purchase Order Request Portal

Purchase Order Request Portals are now live for our Business Plus and Enterprise clients! Take seamless collaboration to the next level.

Your company now has the ability to generate a unique URL that you can distribute to your entire team for employees to submit purchase order requests directly to an approver or your accounting department.

  1. Go to the Request Portal section
  2. Scroll to Purchase Order Request on the bottom of the section
  3. Toggle on Enable Purchase Order Portal toggle

​Employees can now submit Purchase Requests without needing to log into the app!

[tip]Interested in upgrading your UpKeep account? Shoot us an email at [email protected]! [/tip]