How to Create and Manage Preventative Maintenance/Repeating Work Orders

With our preventative maintenance module, you can easily create repeating work orders over a given frequency (daily, monthly, annual, etc). This way your team can move from reactive to a more proactive maintenance mindset! This article explains how to create and manage preventative/repeating work orders with our mobile/web application.

[tip] Learn to import your work orders so you can create multiple Preventative Maintenance work orders at once![/tip]

How to Create Preventative Maintenance/Repeating Work Orders

  1. On the Work Orders page, click + Create Work Order
  2. Enter in your Work Order Info 
  3. For a Preventative Maintenance/Repeating Work Order:
    • Set your Due Date for the due date of the first PM
    • Set your Repeating Schedule frequency
    • You can select to have the repeating Work Order run off of the date of completion

     4. Add any other information for your work order.

5. Click Add Work Order

How to Edit Preventative Maintenance/Repeating Work Orders

  1. On the Work Orders page, click the desired work order
  2. Click on the pencil on the top right to Edit the work order
  3. Make desired edits
  4. Click Save Work Order  

​[tip] With Editing we have the ability to edit the Current Version or for all of the Future Versions of the Work Order [/tip]

​​​​​​[tip] At this time, you cannot edit the frequency of the work order once it has been created. Learn how to duplicate your work order to reconfigure the schedule of your PM![/tip]

Video Tutorial