How to Create and Manage Work Orders

This article explains how to create a work order with our mobile/web application.

  • How to Create Work Orders
  • How to Process Work Orders

How to Create Work Orders

  1. On the “Work Orders” page, click  “+ Create Work  Order”
  2. Enter in Work Order Info:
    • Work Order Title
    • Detailed Description
  3. Set a Due Date/Work Scheduled On date
  4. Add a Recurring Schedule 
  5. Enter an Estimated Duration (this is already in hours, so just add a number)
  6. Select Category
  7. Assign Main Worker, Additional Worker or Team (defaults to the user creating the work order)
  8. Select Location
  9. Select Asset 
  10. Add tasks or a checklist or any files that might be helpful in completing the work order.
  11. Finally, click Submit!

[tip]If your assets are already assigned to a location, you can just select the asset, the location will automatically be assigned to the work order as well![/tip]
On Web:​

​​[tip] You can also create Work Orders through your Asset. Click into the Asset section, select the Asset, then selecting the Work Orders tab. You will then see a + Work Order button [/tip]

On Mobile:

[tip]Don’t forget to add a photo to your work order, which can be especially powerful in highlighting where an issue may be![/tip]

How to Process your Work Orders

  1. On the Work Orders page, click on the desired work order
  2. Evaluate:
    • Work Order Description
    • Location
    • Equipment
    • Parts and Tools needed to complete the job
  3. Move work order status to “In Progress” or start the timer. 
  4. Complete Tasks/Checklist (if applicable)
  5. Choose the Part(s) and Quantity Used
  6. Enter Time and Cost if you’d like to manually input that
  7. Include Updates or messages in “Update Section” 
    • Web App: Select Updates
    • Mobile App: Swipe Right or tap Updates
  8. Once the work order is completed, update the status to “Complete”

On Web:

​On Mobile:​

Video Tutorial

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