How to Create Custom Timer Categories

At UpKeep, we want to make sure our users are able to use the platform in a way that fits their business needs. This is why we have added breadth to our custom categories with Custom Timer Categories! You can customize your timer categories in the categories section of the web application!

Customizing your categories can be extremely important for you and your team. It can help with reporting purposes and identifying trends like the kind of time that you’re spending on these work orders. Or you can use them to better organize, filter, and sort the time spent on your work orders. Use these custom categories to take control of your data!

[tip] Learn how to use itemized time tracking in your work orders and apply your custom time categories! [/tip]

How to Create Custom Timer Categories

  1. Navigate to your Categories section
  2. Click on the Timers tab
  3. Then, select + Category to add a new Timer Category
    • Or click on the 3 vertical dots to edit an existing one

These custom timers are then available to use when adding itemized time to a work order!

[tip] Examples of Timer Categories include drive time, inspection time, or dead time where you may not have been completing work. Whatever it may be, use this customization to maximize your team’s productivity! [/tip]