How to Import Users to your UpKeep Team

If you are adding multiple users to your UpKeep team, you can do this through our importing function! If you would like to learn about these different user roles and what they mean, you can learn more here.

[tip] Needed to add just one user and don’t want to have to import? Check out our article on how to add People & Teams! [/tip]

  1. Download our Sample Template for People & Teams. Click Here
  2. Enter in the below data fields for each User:
  3. User Email (Column A) and User Type (Column B)
    • User Types:
      • ADMIN
      • TECH
      • VIEW_ONLY
  4. If you have existing teams, you can add the 10 character ID to Column C (Team IDs). 
    • Select the team responsible for this Work Order. You can find this by clicking the team in the “People & Teams” tab. The Team ID is the last ten characters after the forward-slash in the URL Address. Here’s an example:

  5. Save the CSV file that you just edited!
  6. Import that CSV file into UpKeep

Here’s a quick GIF that might help: 

​​[tip] Want to learn more? Checkout 6:07 of our Data Importing Webinar.[/tip]