How to Link Work Orders

In the case that you have several work orders that are similar, you can utilize the Work Order Linking functionality to help your team see the full story of the work order. This will help increase transparency across your team. By understanding the related issues, this will also assist in solving more complicated work orders.

The Criteria for Linking

First, understand the different options you can use when linking work orders:

  • Blocked by – Another work order prevents this work order from being completed
  • Blocks – This work order prevents another from being completed
  • Splits from – This work order caused another work order to be created
  • Relates to – This work order is associated with another work order that has pertinent information
  • DuplicatesThis work order created other duplicate work orders
  • Duplicated by – This work order is a duplicate of another

How to Link Work Orders

  1. Select the desired work order that you need to link.
  2. Click on the Link button.
  3. Select the criteria for linking.
  4. Select the work order that needs to be linked to the original work order.
  5. Click Link!

Here is a quick GIF: