How to set up Single Sign On (SSO)

Setting Up SSO

UpKeep now integrates with Single Sign On (SSO) Providers!  Currently this feature is available on our Business Plus and Enterprise Plans. We offer the ability to utilize Okta, Google or your team can set-up a custom SAML 2.0. If your team is using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) you can follow the directions here to get set-up. 

To get started you will go to the Settings section of your account and then select the Authentication Tab this can also be done by going to the URL:

How to set up OKTA SAML

STEP 1: Create A New App In Okta and Choose SAML 2.0

STEP 2: Edit the Okta App Settings Using UpKeep’s Settings

STEP 3: After the app has been created, paste over the certificate and the application settings into UpKeep

STEP 4: Assign the App To Users in your Team

STEP 5: They will now be able to log Into their UpKeep by using their unique company ID and their Okta username and password!

How to set up Google SAML

Step 1. Go to settings and select authentication and Google

Step 2. From your admin dashboard in google, search SAML apps and select create a custom app.

Step 3. You’ll need 3 different IDs that you’ll enter back into UpKeep

Step 4. Use the settings from the google page in UpKeep

Step 5. Re-enter the ACS URL and Entity ID back into your custom SAML Application from the Google admin Dashboard. After you’ve hit next and finish, you’re all done with the setup for using SAML via Google!

Step 6. After you assign users to this application, you’ll use the “Login with SSO” option on the login page!