How to Update Your Parts

Once we have our Parts in UpKeep, we can also use our Update Feature to make mass updates to our Parts. So if you need to bulk update the current quantity of your parts in inventory or other changes, you can do that with this feature!

[tip] The CSV template used to update your parts is different from the one used to import new parts![/tip]

How to Bulk Update your Parts

  1. Navigate to your Parts/Inventory section
  2. Click on Update
  3. Download your Current Parts
  4. Open CSV in Excel/Google Sheets
    • Do not remove or change any headers in Row 1
    • Make necessary changes to your Parts
  5. Save the CSV file
  6. Upload new CSV under the Assets tab > Update > Upload CSV


This guide will go over which columns can be updated in the CSV.

Column Notes
B – Part Name Update the name for the Part

  • Ex: Vacuum pump filter
C – Description Update the description for the Part

  • Ex: Make/manufacturer information
D – Quantity Update  your quantity on hand

  • Ex: 15
E – Cost per unit Update the cost for this Part

  • Ex: 89
F – Barcode Update the Part’s Serial Number/Barcode
I – Location ID Locate the Location ID via the URL Address. This is the last ten characters after the forward-slash. Please see the example below:
K – Area Enter in the description as to where this Part is stored (this is not the Location), but can be a specific area within the location

  • Ex: Third shelf or Second closet
L – Minimum Quantity Update the minimum quantity for this Part. The system will show a notification for when your stock begins to run low

  • Ex: 5
M – Category Enter in a category for this Part. Categories are used to group parts together and can be used as a filter option for reports

  • Ex: Filter, Screw

[tip] Updating your Parts? Join our Data Importing Webinar here.[/tip]​