How to Use the Calendar View

If you’re looking to plan ahead, you’ll find a lot of use out of the Monthly, Weekly, and Daily view in your team’s Calendar! With the Calendar view, you can plan your team’s time and boost efficiency. Change the due date or work order time by dragging and dropping. You can also capture and track the estimated time of your work orders.

Check out this page to see how to Create Work Orders!

Check out this page to see how to Edit Work Orders!

[tip] Creating and editing work orders remains the same! Just click + Work Order to create a new one. Or click into the work order you need to edit! [/tip]

Drag and Drop Work Orders

Using the Calendar View, you’ll have the ability to drag and drop your work orders! Just click on the work order you desire and drop it into the new date! Here is a quick GIF:

​Weekly and Daily View

With our Business Plus Plan, you have access to the Weekly and Daily View. This will show you a more detailed view of your team’s schedule so you can better plan ahead to specific times during the workday. Use this view to take full control in organizing your team’s workflow.

[tip] You can also use the Weekly and Daily View to quickly change due date time! [/tip]

Weekly View: 

Daily View:

[tip] Is your team is interested in the Business Plus Plan? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help get you all set-up! [/tip]

The Calendar on a Mobile Device

You can also use the Calendar on a mobile device for iOS or Android. You or your team can tap on a date to view the work orders due for any particular day in the month or switch to a weekly view!