How to use UpKeep for Group Collaboration

Group Collaboration is the key to a successful maintenance program. With UpKeep, you have the ability to collaborate and interact with your team members through the @ Mentioning Function to tag them in the conversation.

When adding updates to a Work Order you can simply put in @ then choose whether to tag a specific Team Member or all Team Members assigned to the Work Order. This way we can have a transparent dialogue within the Work Order and notify any of our team members of activities.

[tip] Learn how to Share work orders! [/tip]

How to @ Mention in UpKeep

  1. Select the desired Work Order
  2. Click on the Updates tab of the Work Order
  3. Click on the Write a Message box
  4. Type @, then select the user’s name (Example: @Jane Smith)
  5. If desired, type any other additional details
  6. Select Send

[tip] You can notify all users assigned to the Work Order by selecting @Everyone [/tip]