Team Introduction Template

When implementing a new system for your team it is important to communicate the decision. It is always important that we have our full team on board to ensure successful adoption. We have designed a quick template that you can use to share with your team to give them more information on UpKeep.

Team Introduction Template

Hi team,

As some of you know, we’re moving to UpKeep for our internal Facility and Asset Management. UpKeep is a maintenance management tool where we can track assets, manage work orders, and work together.


Why are we moving to UpKeep?

We want to use the best Facility and Asset Management tools to make our lives easier and be more productive. Having everything in one place will help us work together better and faster, rather than jumping around. Everything you share in UpKeep is trackable and reportable.


Here’s what UpKeep can help us with:

  • Communicating transparently across the company
  • Providing greater visibility
  • Quicker feedback and better decision making
  • Easy access to information, documents, and files
  • Bringing all our data into one place  


Before we get started, please get yourself set up:

  1. You’ll receive an email inviting you to join UpKeep. This will include your username (email)
  2. Complete Sign-up – Create Password. If you forget your password, you can reset it here.
  3. Download the UpKeep app for mobile: iOS or Android and a video tutorial on setting up the mobile apps here
  4. Check out UpKeeps Help Center for basic how-tos and training information at


Thank you,



​[tip] See the full UpKeep Workflow! Join our Team Training Webinar here.[/tip]