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Streamline your government & public works maintenance

Everyone in a city benefits from timely completion of maintenance projects. Constant miscommunication from missing spreadsheets creates unnecessary red tape. Reduce deferred maintenance and unify your preventive maintenance planning with UpKeep. 

Maintenance and work order management for your city

Streamline preventive maintenance for safety and compliance

Streamline all of your calendar alerts to automatically alert your technicians in advance when recurring work orders and inspections need to happen. Track all federal compliance audits, including NERC or OSHA inspections, with checklists and full maintenance histories on your assets.

Centralize maintenance requests in one place

Electric wiring outage? Unlimited free requesters from any department in your organization can snap a picture and upload a work request to a branded request portal on their smartphones. An admin can quickly assign work to the closest technician to resolve issues to ensure the highest quality city conditions for constituents.

Onboard your team quickly with a seamless user interface

Many cities don’t have time to spend training their teams and implementing software. UpKeep was built with your valuable time as top of mind. The app is so intuitive that you can onboard your teams speedily and any technician, no matter the technical background, will understand how to complete a work order quickly.

Easily pull beautiful reports to share maintenance results

Easily track downtime costs, labor hours, and more in a drill-down format with UpKeep Analytics. Our business intelligence platform lets you run complex data visualizations in seconds that you can share with other departments. Increase transparency into maintenance activities to secure more budget for your maintenance program.

Case Study

The City of Deerfield Beach Reduces Emergency Maintenance Repairs and Saves Costs with UpKeep

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    The Highest Rated

    CMMS, Maintenance Management, and Work Order Software

    UpKeep is consistently rated best-in-class for value for money, ease-of-use, functionalify, and customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more 5-star reviews than any other CMMS and Maintenance Software vendor.

    • Reduce your equipment and asset downtime
      • by up to 26%
    • Extend your asset and equipment lifetime
      • by up to 11%
    • Achieve up to 652% ROI
      • by integrating UpKeep into your workflow
    • Improve overall facility condition
      • with integration of UpKeep
    UpKeep experts here to help you

    Incomparable Training, Implementation, and Support, to ensure your success

    From expedient account set up, secure data migration and professional online team training to 24/6 customer support, we’ve got you covered. The Upkeep Customer Success Team works like an extension of your team, helping customers hit their maintenance goals by providing useful resources, reliable support, and a personalized plan to help you grow with UpKeep.


    Consistently rated best-in-class.

    UpKeep’s work order management software is consistently rated best-in-class for ease-of-use, functionality, value for money, asset management, customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more 5-star reviews than any other Maintenance and CMMS software vendor.

    Manage assets from your mobile device.

    • Enable technicians to easily carry preventive maintenance checklists and manuals associated with any asset in their pockets.
    • Ensure secure access to necessary asset information. Technicians can easily pull up a record of historic repairs to make the best decisions with performing maintenance.
    • Achieve the full useful life of your assets through mobile asset downtime tracking. Paired with UpKeep Analytics, access an automatic business intelligence dashboard and track all equipment downtime costs over time.

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