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UpKeep for Enterprise

UpKeep offers a special, separate dashboard for all Enterprise clients with features that help big companies thrive.

UpKeep graphic demonstrating the Enterprise dashboard on an iMac computer.

Enterprise reporting

Our Enterprise dashboard offers you the ability to generate reports for individual facilities, as well as having a complete overview of all facilities.

You can easily see high-level insights into each facility, how facilities compare to each other, and monitor an overview of all your data without leaving the app.

UpKeep graphic illustrating how the Enterprise dashboard offers detailed reports.

Manage all requests

With the Enterprise dashboard, you can view, in detail, every request that comes through to any of your facilities. From there, you can either accept or decline any or all requests utilizing our multi-select tool.

UpKeep graphic illustrating how the Enterprise dashboard offers account management.

A beautiful, functional view

Managing a handful of facilities' assets and parts might sound cumbersome, but not with our Enterprise dashboard. Switch between a beautiful card view with imagery or a highly detailed and functional table view with a single click.

Card View
Table View
UpKeep graphic illustrating our Enterprise dashboard's beautiful card view.UpKeep graphic illustrating our Enterprise dashboard's functional table view.

Account management

Easily manage all your teams accounts across your facilities from right inside the Enterprise dashboard. You can link multiple UpKeep accounts into one or allow each facility to own and customize their specific account.

UpKeep graphic illustrating how the Enterprise dashboard offers account management.

Additional features

And much, much more...

  • Receive push notifications and updates from your device. You'll be notified immediately if something goes wrong!
  • Granular control over all facilities and their respective data
  • 6 different access levels, including admins, technicians, requesters, third-parties, and more
  • Have real-time conversations with your team within the app to discuss potential issues or confirm a job was completed
  • Create reports of who’s done what, how much was spent, and find any recurring issues

Unilever's success story

Find out how Mohammad and his team at Unilever improved efficiency at their manufacturing plant with the help of UpKeep's broad feature set.

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UpKeep graphic illustrating how the Enterprise dashboard offers account management.