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Modern Fleet Management and Maintenance Software

One of the great challenges of fleet management is making sure each vehicle is kept in top working condition, without exceeding your maintenance budget. With UpKeep’s fleet maintenance software, you’ll be able to schedule recurring maintenance tasks, monitor sensor data, and track each vehicle’s condition over time.

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UpKeep keeps vehicles operational

Keeping your vehicles operational is a top priority, especially if they’re core to your business’s operations. However, we all know that budgets aren’t unlimited—you need a quick, easy way to keep your vehicles running while streamlining the costs of doing so. UpKeep helps you reduce fleet maintenance costs, while improving reliability in the following ways:

Preventive maintenance for safer journeys

The best way to handle vehicle breakdowns is to make sure they never occur in the first place. Prevent breakdowns by scheduling routine preventive maintenance tasks through our system. UpKeep can also track meter readings or real-time sensor data, which can be used to schedule needed preventive maintenance tasks when preset mileage counts or thresholds are reached.

Manage your inventory

Maintaining a consistent stock of replacement parts is key to effective fleet management. UpKeep’s inventory management capabilities allow you to keep a close eye on important parts tied to each vehicle. Should a given part come close to running out, our software makes it easy to send out a purchase order and replenish your stock.

Prepare for every season

UpKeep helps you stay on top of all vehicle maintenance tasks by allowing you to schedule repeating work orders for recurring PMs. Schedule vehicle inspections, oil changes, and other regular maintenance tasks to keep your fleet running year round.

Keep history

Every fleet maintenance work order is logged in your database, allowing you to pull up custom reports and monitor trends in your vehicles’ maintenance needs. That way, you’re better able to find areas of improvement and prevent problems before they occur.

Modern maintenance gone mobile

UpKeep is a mobile-first CMMS, which means you can access and assign work orders, view fleet vehicle histories and reports, and track maintenance workflows from any mobile device with the app. Technicians are able to view vehicle data and location straight from a smartphone or tablet, making maintenance tasks much easier to complete. Automated push notifications and alerts help your team keep on top of high-priority maintenance tasks and get work done quicker.

True fleet tracking

UpKeep can be integrated with fleet management software to keep a close eye on the location of each vehicle. Whether they need repairs or scheduled preventative maintenance, it’s easy to create and assign work orders based on vehicle location. This way, work orders are always completed on time, each vehicle receives the maintenance it needs when it needs it, and the reliability of your fleet as a whole improves.

Increase efficiency on your routes

By using a fleet maintenance management system to keep fleet vehicles in top operating condition, you help increase efficiency and support reliability. Your vehicles break down less often, consume less fuel, and last longer, ultimately increasing the efficiency and timeliness of each route. Scheduling is easier to manage, and fleet management costs go down.

Dashboards tailored for your team

Easily select from over 200 custom dashboards, each one designed to support a different work style. That way, you can make sure your system is tailored to match your workflow and support maintenance tasks. If you need an option that isn’t on the list, contact our team and we’ll create one for you!

Fleets love UpKeep’s capabilities

Companies have found great value in UpKeep’s fleet management software. We’ve helped various businesses cut down the costs and complexity of their maintenance management processes, including those who have to manage large fleets of vehicles across multiple locations.

Certarus uses UpKeep to make workflows more efficient
Across the company, we’re saving 50 – 60 hours a week, repairs are happening faster, and inspections are not being missed. Our audits are much more efficient now with UpKeep, less of an administrative burden. Having a central source of truth that documents the history and location of how much equipment has been maintained has been beneficial.”
- Kyle Dunbar, Fleet Maintenance Manager
Customers Recommend UpKeep for its Ease of Use
We have over 14 commercial vehicles and 25 units of heavy equipment that we primarily maintain and service in house. Before UpKeep we were on a paper system that was messy and unorganized. Now our crews are able to utilize UpKeep’s request feature to submit work order requests”
- Dale S.

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