Work Order Software

Manage work orders for repairs and preventive maintenance with UpKeep’s simple work order software.

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Easily prioritize and assign work orders

Assign reactive or preventive maintenance work orders to technicians. View every work order from a list or calendar format. Filter work orders by assigned technician, asset, location, and priority level.

Reduce equipment downtime

Assign scheduled work orders to technicians to ensure equipment runs reliably. Studies show that companies can save an average of 12 to 18 percent in costs by investing in preventive maintenance.

Increase equipment lifespan

Get more out of your assets. UpKeep customers in manufacturing have seen their equipment lifespans increase by up to 11%.

Track time and costs

Track time, parts, and additional costs within each work order. Review trends and insights into work order costs to lower maintenance spend. Document time spent on work orders and optimize wrench time.

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Optimize your maintenance today.

Invite your whole team. Access core features.

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Supercharge Team Productivity with UpKeep's Mobile Work Orders

  • Automatically send mobile push notifications to technicians when a work order is assigned to them.
  • Attach PDFs of equipment manuals and instructions to work orders.
  • Include photos or videos to work orders to increase accuracy.
  • Technicians can complete work orders based on priority level and location.
  • Any updates on work orders can be communicated easily.
  • Have technicians close out work orders immediately upon completion.
  • Locate work orders that are important to you as quickly as you can from your desktop.

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