What are some of the most interesting stats and facts about the trucking industry?

Answered September 25 2019

Most people don’t think much about the trucking industry on a daily basis unless their commute is full of semi-trailer trucks on the freeway. But those semis and the people who drive them are part of a vast, intricate ecosystem that does far more than you might think. Here are some of the most interesting statistics and facts about the trucking industry.

Some of the trucks in the trucking industry waiting and ready to go.

Some of the vehicles in the trucking industry waiting and ready to go.

General Points of Interest

  1. If the American trucking industry was its own nation, it would take the 33rd spot globally in 2017.
  2. Over five percent of jobs in the USA are related to the trucking industry in some way.
  3. 70%+ of all goods in America have been on a truck at some point in time.
  4. The average grocery store will run out of food in three days if it’s not replenished–by trucks.
  5. A truck needs 40% more time to stop than the average car.

Business and Financial Matters

  1. Most trucking companies are small businesses.
  2. Trucking is about a $680 billion industry that employs around 7 million people.
  3. Sadly, as of February 2019, no overseer in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ever been a trucker.
  4. EPA emission regulations over the last few years have cut the exhaust output of trucks by over 95%.

Maintenance Stats

  1. Because of the 4 million-plus miles of road that the industry uses, truckers have a vested interest in road maintenance and infrastructure.
  2. Compared to other industry segments, maintenance and repair costs are much higher.
  3. Repair and maintenance costs have gone steadily up over the last few years.

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