What are the top supply chain management degrees?

Answered July 28 2019

The top supply chain management degrees are usually majors, concentrations, or degrees in supply chain management, operations, or logistics. As supply chain management practices and associated technologies have evolved, a general businessdegree is no longer enough to excel in this field. Both corporations and industry trade associations are supporting the development of supply chain management programs within higher education.

Currently, the Institute for Supply Management is at the forefront of reviewing and approving supply chain management degree programs. Here is a sampling of existing colleges and universities that offer this specialty from around the country.


Rutgers University

The program at Rutgers’ focuses on logistics, marketing, procurement, distribution, regulations, risk assessment, and security. In addition, students gain knowledge and experience in the management of contracts, labor, projects, and quality issues. It was recognized as the second best supply chain management program by MBA.com, and Gartner selected the program as the fifth best undergraduate and seventh best graduate program for supply chain management in the country.


Indiana University Bloomington

This program offers a master’s degree in global supply chain management. Students will gain knowledge about material sourcing, inventory management, operations management, and accounting. Designed to be a flexible option for working professionals, the 30-credit program can be completed over 15 months around a full-time position in supply chain management.


University of North Texas

Based on feedback and guidance from the supply chain and logistics professionals and executives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, this program focuses on a “learning today and applying tomorrow” philosophy. Students will learn about inventory management, manufacturing, purchasing, transportation, warehousing, and materials management.


Portland State University

With flexible class options, the bachelor’s degree program at Portland State can be completed on campus or online. As a result, working professionals can pursue continuing education to advance in their supply chain management careers without disrupting their current responsibilities. Certified by ISM, this program will teach resource procurement, distribution management, and global supply chain management. The program includes a valuable hands-on component for real-world application.