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Asset Management Software to Increase Uptime

Automate preventive maintenance tasks. Enable operators to create maintenance requests. Quickly assign work orders to technicians with the #1 asset management solution.

Manage equipment, machines, vehicles, and other assets from anywhere with the UpKeep app.

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Ranked #1 by experts in the field

UpKeep is changing asset management from a manual, difficult process to a streamlined, efficient flow of communication. Make the switch today to our modern and intuitive CMMS to revolutionize your business. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about our solution.

San Luis Obispo Country Club
“UpKeep is a great service for managing work orders, tracking assets and scheduling your team’s time. The asset system is great for tracking parts and preventative and reactive maintenance that has been performed on individual items such as HVAC units. The ability to upload pictures and other files such as repair manuals, work orders, and assets is also a huge plus. All around UpKeep is a great piece of software that I would recommend to anyone with a medium to large size business or anyone managing multiple properties”
- Liam
MORryde International
“UpKeep was chosen after trying a number of CMMS systems against some basic goals. UpKeep is competent, easy to implement, easy to use, and has the best Customer Service team. Setup and maintaining the system was intensive since we have over 1000 assets spread out over 6 locations and 13 buildings and UpKeep is fast, easy and simple build the database with. The template uploads helped get us going and the inline editing was a great addition.”
- Gary
The Whippet Holdings
“The fact that you can also track historical repairs, and can print barcodes for assets and equipment makes keeping track of various and many parts at the same time, very easy, and functional.”
- PJ

Manage your assets and team from your office or on the go.


Manage and track every asset from a unified platform. Also create one-time or recurring work orders for injection machines, forklifts, conveyor belts, transport vehicles, and anything in between.


Eliminate unnecessary trips to the stockroom. Manage inventory for replacement parts, liquids, and accessories from your desktop or mobile device. Parts are automatically deducted from inventory when used in a work order and automatically added when a purchase order is fulfilled, simplifying your inventory tracking process.


Assign work orders to your maintenance team in seconds and view open and pending work orders for each technician on the mobile app — via cell phone, iPad, or any mobile device. Also, with UpKeep’s advanced reporting, you can export any technician’s full work order history as a PDF for review. Between in-house team and contract management, we’ve got you covered.


Make everyone an active part of your maintenance team. When an equipment operator, driver, or machinist noticies a problem, let them create a maintenance request — from the smartphone in their pocket or the kiosk on the factory floor. Then approve it and assign it to the right tech.

Track asset downtime

When an asset fails, have operators mark it as Inactive. When it’s fixed, have technicians mark it as Active. Then run reports on this.

Run reports

Get visual reports and export PDF reports for asset uptime and work order history by tech, asset, or location.

Track asset usage

Track the health of assets over time by having techs add readings to work orders (PSI, mileage, etc)

Set up automated workflows

Set up workflows so when you approve/create a work order it’s automatically assigned to the right technician.

Track costs

View a complete asset life cycle, costs of repair, and time spent on repairs for each asset.

View all features

Easily manage and maintain any asset type

Machines and Equipment

Molding machines, incinerators, panel benders, pipe benders, grain cleaners, forklifts, you name it. Use UpKeep’s machine and equipment maintenance software to schedule preventive maintenance tasks and track maintenance time, parts costs, and downtime for each asset.


Manage your fleet of garbage trucks, pickup trucks, or tractor trailers. UpKeep lets operators and mechanics log mileage with the “Meters” feature and create maintenance requests from an easy-to-use app. UpKeep also integrates with Titan GPS for real-time vehicle tracking.


For manufacturing companies, the facility is the greatest asset. It’s where all the work gets done. With UpKeep’s asset management system, you can also manage your facility. Create recurring work orders for light checks, floor cleaning, and safety walkthroughs. Plus, to keep your facilities and equipment running, you need to stay stocked on inventory. UpKeep’s Parts & Inventory Management solution makes it easy to keep streamline inventory tracking.

Trusted by the best asset managers

To remain a leader in the consumer goods space, Unilever’s factory engineering and maintenance manager switched from spreadsheets to UpKeep’s CMMS to better manage machines, equipment, work orders, technicians, and inventory at 12 manufacturing facilities.

"UpKeep is an easy-to-use app and you can really figure it out all by yourself.”
- Adhokshaj Bellurkar, Factory Engineering and Maintenance Manager @ Unilever
Read Unilever's success story

These companies manage their assets and equipment with UpKeep:

Considerations for asset management software

Many manufacturing plants and factories are migrating from paper and spreadsheets to a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). For asset managers, this system is referred to as asset management software or equipment maintenance software. When researching various solutions, here are some things you should look for:


The CMMS should present a clean view of which assets have work orders assigned to them that are closed, in progress, on hold, and open. It should also let you download a history of work orders and costs for each asset for specific date ranges.


To encourage maintenance best practices across the entire company, the maintenance manager, technician, IT team, and operator should be able to easily use the equipment maintenance app with different access levels. This way, you’re not worrying about a software license management — meaning repairs get done quicker and schedule compliance increases.


To simplify preventive maintenance efforts, you should be able to create recurring work orders. And when a request is created that’s outside the maintenance schedule, the respective work order should be assigned to the right technician automatically based on the repair type.

Software overhead

Using software to manage your maintenance needs is great... unless you also need to maintain the software itself! With on-premise maintenance management tools, you need to install the updates and oversee the solution from an IT asset management perspective. Whereas cloud-based asset tracking software such as UpKeep is ready to go and 100% maintained on your behalf.

UpKeep checks all of these boxes and focuses on making the most-used features the easiest to use.

Asset Management and Tracking Software for Modern Businesses

Asset management and tracking isn’t easy, even for small companies. For companies that work on a global scale, asset management and tracking software is a necessity. However, these needed systems are generally very large. They need staff and employee tracking to get everyone up to speed. And they can require a significant upfront investment.

That’s where UpKeep comes into play. We help you manage your assets in the best possible way that technology can today. Let’s take a look.

Maximize uptime with asset management

Quality asset management can lead you and your company to higher profits, less downtimes, and less headaches. That’s a lot to expect of a software system. How does UpKeep deliver?

Simply put, when you manage your assets, a lot of small problems disappear. These small problems, such as downtime and company headaches, have an impact on your bottom line. When you use asset management strategies, you can increase profits for your company through equipment uptime.

Simplistic asset management, for everything you need

Asset management means simplicity. Complicated systems are harder to train people on, can be very confusing overall, and are difficult to implement into your company's infrastructure. When you begin with a simple system, you instantly eliminate some of the problems that arise from bulky software.


Assets, as the name implies, are the primary focus asset management. UpKeep’s solution enables you to manage and track every asset your company has from a single, unified platform. This reduces downtime in all departments and automatically organizes your company’s files digitally. You can also create custom one-time and recurring work orders to fill your company’s needs


Keeping track of all the different parts that your company needs is easy with UpKeep. You can manage inventory for all types of parts right from your mobile device, or from a desktop computer. Parts are also automatically deducted from inventory when used in a work order and automatically added when a purchase order is fulfilled. This simplifies your inventory tracking process.


Work orders can be sent in seconds right to your technicians. You can see the status of all your work orders for each technician right from your phone or other mobile device. You can also download any or all of your technicians’ work order history into a PDF file when you use UpKeep’s advanced reporting features.


Your company’s operators are very important in a quality asset management system. They are the first people who see issues on the warehouse floor and in other asset-heavy areas of your company. UpKeep’s mobile solution enables your operators to report problems as soon as they see them, using their phones or easily accessible kiosks.

UpKeep makes it easy for all asset types

UpKeep software is not limited to any asset type. It can work with all businesses that need to manage and track assets. Here are a few of the most common types and how UpKeeps helps companies manage their different types of assets.

Machines and Equipment

UpKeep can help manage small and large machines. Equipment such as forklifts, conveyor belts, and more can easily be logged into the UpKeep system. Companies can automate scheduling, preventive maintenance reports, and tracking overall maintenance on each machine and piece of equipment that is in the system.


From fleets of all sorts of trucks to singleton specialized vehicles, UpKeep is there for your company. Your operators and mechanics can log mileage and other important facts about your vehicles right from their phones or other mobile devices. Then, maintenance requests can be triggered or sent through the system to the correct personnel. Finally, UpKeep also integrates with the Titan GPS for real-time vehicle tracking.


For manufacturing companies, the facilities they use are some of the most important assets they have. Many other industries depend on their facilities to store, process, or ship their products from on a daily basis. UpKeep enables you to manage your facilities from a central location quickly and easily. You can create work orders for light checks, floor cleaning, updated safety regulations, and more. And for facilities that store or process inventory, the UpKeep Parts and Inventory Management System streamlines and improves your inventory management strategy.

Cost-saving depreciation included

It’s very important to see and understand the depreciation happening on your assets. UpKeep enables you to see the depreciation of your assets right in your larger CMMS system. Here’s how.

Supported factory, farm and restaurant equipment depreciation

Machines, forklifts, tractors, trucks, and any other type of machinery/equipment all depreciate at varying speeds. UpKeep helps you manage all the balance sheets in a central location and enables you to easily pull the information you need to fill out on IRS Form 4562.

Fixed asset depreciation for capital equipment

Even if you aren’t a factory, farm, or restaurant, you can still qualify for depreciation. But unlike more standardized forms of depreciation, it’s harder to track. UpKeep’s flexible software solutions allow you to organize and track fixed asset depreciation from your central platform.

Warranty savings

No company wants to waste money on expensive parts and labor when you don’t need to. That’s where warranties come into play. When you use UpKeep, you can easily view an asset’s warranty expiration date and file, which makes it much easier to use your warranties when you need them. You can also save your company a considerable amount of money with this information, both in the short and long haul.

Insights for financial decisions

Every company understands the struggle of making financial decisions with the accuracy of past data to back up your decision. When the data is easily accessible, it becomes much easier to make those decisions in a logical and precise way.

Simplify asset tracking and management today with UpKeep

Put preventive maintenance on auto-pilot and track asset downtime and costs from one easy-to-use app.