S2:E25 Maker Spaces with Joel Leonard

In this week's episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have Joel Leonard, The Maintenance Evangelist, on the show! Joel's lifelong mission is to build the next generation of skilled technicians, and he is passionate about reducing the skilled labor gap our industry is facing. Joel also shares with us about Maker Spaces and how he uses this platform to fulfill his mission and passion!

UpKeep Named One of Y Combinators Top Companies of 2021!

From the very beginning, Y Combinator has fully supported our team and the mission that we have to mobilize and modernize the maintenance management software industry. Since the YC days, UpKeep has become an award-winning, innovative mobile-first solution that is simplifying maintenance management for over 10,000 customers in over 60 countries!

Welcome to UpKeep — David Frontczak

We’re so excited to welcome David to the team this week! David is joining us as our Mid-Market Account Executive, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have him on board! Here is our interview with him!

S2:E24 Diversity and Inclusion in the Maintenance Industry with Charli K. Matthews

In this week's episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have Charli Matthews, CEO and Founder of Empowering Brands, on the show! Charli shares with Ryan her thoughts on diversity, inclusion, and equity in the maintenance and skilled trades industry, as well as advice for women who are interested in joining the space! Listen today!

Life at UpKeep Episode 11: Jay Zandstra, Sales Enablement Manager

"Life at UpKeep" is an employee spotlight blog series, where we showcase the amazing people and teams in our company doing amazing work together!

2020 Work Orders in Review: Maintenance Teams and Resiliency

This past year, maintenance team members were tested in unthinkable ways.

Welcome to UpKeep, Katie!!!

Please join me in welcoming Katie Pietzak - UpKeep's newest AE with our Emerging Market team!!! Katie comes from a Sales background in similar industries to software as a service (SaaS), and impressed us with her hard-working nature and willingness to hustle.

Meter based planned preventative maintenance is maintenance

This type of maintenance is performed for general upkeep and to stop a breakdown before it can occur. The best way to plan preventative maintenance is to use meter-based readings. Meter-based readings track the activity and measure the condition of equipment, such as the number of hours an equipment has been in use, how far it has driven or a certain mileage, and other operating conditions. Once a condition or usage level is reached, an alert is triggered that produces a technician work order and saves the information to a CMMS asset history.

S2:E21 Lubrication and Fluid Analysis with Randy Clark

In this week's episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have Randy Clark, Manager of Reliability at POLARIS Laboratories! Randy holds a ton of experience in lubrication and fluid analysis, and so we took this opportunity to pick his brain a little more about these procedures. Listen today!

S2:E22 Online Communities and The Maintenance Community

In this week's episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have Bryan Bieschke and Caitlyn Young-Gilbert on the show! Ryan, Bryan, and Caitlyn dive deep into the topic of Online Communities and The Maintenance Community Slack Group, discussing its value during a period of extended isolation, and how it can potentially be a solution to bridging the impending skills gap. Listen today!