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Android Release 3.15 April 25, 2019: A New Look for Work Orders and Requests Lists

Ryan Chan

Android users will notice a new look when they navigate to their Work Order and Requests pages. These new updates were designed to help our users easily navigate their lists and give them more information at a single glance.

Let’s take a look at the new and improved work orders list!


Ohhhh, Ahhhh! The first thing one will notice when they navigate to their work order list is the new search bar placed at the top. By enabling our users to search by work order name or number, we are saving our users time by giving them the exact work order they need in a matter of seconds. Who doesn’t love an expedited workflow?!

In addition to this super helpful search bar, we have updated our work order filters to include a new option as well as providing new nomenclature to communicate the priority of work orders. When applying a filter to the work order list, our users now have the option to filter by unprioritized work orders. This is extremely helpful for administrators to enforce data integrity by identifying work orders which have not been prioritized and assigning the priority needed. With this new filter option, we also updated the way which priority is communicated and replaced our use of exclamation marks with the clear statuses of Low, Medium, and High.

Now, lets take a look at the improved Requests list!

When checking out the Requests list, you’ll notice a new helpful count of the requests currently being shown. This number will adjust when filters are applied so the viewer always knows how many requests are shown at any given time. This new count will help administrators understand their total number of requests and how many requests they have per status.

Log into your UpKeep account today and check out this fresh new look!

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