A bulletin board in the office is filled with shoutouts that celebrate the accomplishments of UpKeepers.
Life at UpKeep

Appreciating the Bigger and Smaller Wins

Ryan Chan

Lots of Motion at our HQ

At a small but mightily growing startup, you might be surprised to find out how much happens on a given day. Glimpse into the Customer Success Zen Den and you’ll be greeted by the sounds of laughter from a kick-off call with a customer who works in fleet management. Tip-toe over into the home of Engineering and Product and you’ll feel the energy of intense focus, as our new SVP of Engineering and Product, Ismail, puts the final finishes on our new Floor Plans feature. Make your way over to the Operations Pod and you’ll see our CEO Ryan and our Chief of Staff, Caitlyn strategizing the launch of the next chapter in their book, How Maintenance Will Revolutionize the World. Of course, it’s impossible to miss the Sales Room, where you’ll catch a Sales Development Representative truly getting to know a customer who owns a small hotel chain in the midwest. And if you’re lucky, you’ll hear the chime of the gong, as the entire UpKeep team cheers on the first deal made by an Account Executive. 

Gratitude and Action

With all that goes on, you’d think that it would be easy to forget to celebrate the small and big wins along the way towards massive growth in our company. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Here at UpKeep, each employee is appreciated in ways that no other startup is thinking of doing. During each monthly all-hands meeting, every employee handwrites a shoutout note of gratitude to someone in the office who went above and beyond to help the team. Even our global employees send in their electronic shoutouts in real-time! From all corners of the world, from California, to Macedonia, to India, and the United Kingdom, gratitude is what keeps us all connected.

A bulletin board in the office is filled with shoutouts that celebrate the accomplishments of UpKeepers. Notes read:
“Shoutout to Jon for closing the biggest career deal this week!”, “Shoutout to Warren for working his magic in our process flow!” , “Shoutout to Susie for coming in and immediately making a HUGE impact → best SDR week of all time! – Shane”, “Shoutout to Jason for always being available to help and an asset to the CS team! – Miji” , “Garris – thank you for being an amazing partner and being my human data dictionary for the sales and marketing funnel. -Ben”, and “Shoutout to Nicole for ramping up and crushing demos!”

Employee Milestones

Additionally, when an employee reaches a milestone work anniversary, they receive a personalized video from fellow UpKeepers sharing what they learned from this employee in the past year and why they are appreciated. 

Experience life at UpKeep by watching the most recent work anniversary videos we made for our Chief of Staff, Caitlyn Young and our Vice President of Customer Success, Joe Schmitt.

Whether it’s an office surprise birthday gift for an UpKeeper’s new apartment, or new hire spotlight blog posts written by UpKeep’s CEO, the work environment here is a truly unique place, where everyone feels valued and included. Both the bigger and smaller wins of each employee are recognized by everyone. Just as UpKeep as a product reduces workload that gets lost in the paper shuffle, our employees make sure all of our their teammates accomplishments don’t get lost in the busy commotion of the day. Every small and big win is celebrated, and that’s what makes our company culture so special.

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