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August 30, 2019: Edit and delete downtime logs, Estimated Duration when approving requests, and extended Support hours!

Ryan Chan

Whoops! Did you select the incorrect operational status for your asset downtime again? Or maybe you realized you added that extra zero. Worry no more! UpKeepers now have the ability to edit and/or delete their asset downtime entries!

This new feature enables UpKeepers to enforce data integrity and gives them the peace of mind that if a mistake has been made, it can be taken back! If there has been an entry by mistake or a slight adjustment needs to be made to an asset downtime entry, admins and/or the technician who entered the downtime can select the relevant asset and make the change. It’s as simple as that!

Estimated Duration on pending requests

Many of our customers are heavily focused on scheduling and time worked which means it is imperative that they include the estimated duration for every work order. We heard from our customers that it was tedious for administrators to approve a request and then navigate to the work order to add the required estimated duration. We love to say “buh-bye” to tedious tasks. UpKeep admins can now enter the estimated duration for a work order request while it is still pending. Once approved, the estimated duration will be included on the work order:

Extended Support Hours

We are extremely excited to announce we have extended support hours! There are UpKeepers all around the world and we want to be available to help as much as we can. Now UpKeepers can reach our Support team via phone Monday-Friday from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time! Live Chat is now available 24 hours so send us a note saying hello!

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