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UpKeep Update: Bulk Imports and Exports!

Ryan Chan

Bulk Importing and Exporting of Work Orders in UpKeep

Click this image to see how simple it now is to export bulk work orders in UpKeep.

We are so excited to announce that starting today, you can move over your work orders from spreadsheets to UpKeep more easily than ever before!

Now, you can import and export up to 20 thousand work orders into the UpKeep software. Additionally, you can customize what data you pull out of UpKeep. This will make it much easier for you to share the insights that matter with upper management or other departments.

In this short overview, we’ll cover

  • What you can expect from bulk importing and exporting
  • Who can access bulk importing and exporting
  • How you can get started with importing and exporting

What you can expect from the bulk imports and exports in UpKeep

Import unlimited work orders and more

When you’re importing all of your work orders, you now have the ability to import as many rows as you’d like! What does this mean? When switching over from an old spreadsheet maintenance system to UpKeep, you can now import all of your previous work orders. With this brand new feature, you no longer need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to getting work done on time.  This means less manual work for you and simplifies anyone who might be switching over from bulky desktop software to UpKeep. Now, you can easily import all of your historic work orders into UpKeep.

Alerts for incorrect imports

UpKeep bulk import

Click this image to see UpKeep’s bulk imports in action. UpKeep will alert you if any rows imported incorrectly, and you can save time by making quick fixes on the selected rows.

Let’s say you imported a row incorrectly in your original data import spreadsheet. Now, UpKeep will alert you which row was imported incorrectly, so you could go back and make the easy fix and then reimport.

Choose columns that are exported

Additionally, you can export custom data fields from UpKeep into a spreadsheet or pdf. You can easily export the data from your current CMMS / EAM tool. Most CMMS / EAM tools give users the ability to export their data as a CSV file.

This makes it easier for admins to choose exactly what they need from their old systems to be set up for success on UpKeep.

Who can access bulk importing and exporting

Admins who are setting up your UpKeep account have access to these features today! If you’re the admin for your UpKeep account, that means you’ll be in full control over what work orders gets put into UpKeep and what reports you want to pull out of UpKeep.

Bulk work order importing is great for when you are just at the beginning of moving from old software to UpKeep, or if you are updating your existing data. It’s a much quicker way to put in the relevant info you need, instead of manually entering in all of your work orders.

How you can get started with bulk importing and exporting

Self-starter implementation

The Self-Starter Implementation is a convenient way to get your team up and running with UpKeep! This is the best option if you want a free way to set-up your UpKeep account on your own time. We have daily UpKeep webinars you can attend that cover topics including team training and account set-up best practices. Additionally, we have how-to videos that help you get started with UpKeep, including our popular video on how to get started with data importing.

Quick start implementation

The quick start implementation program is ideal for customers with multiple locations in their business, as well as multiple users. With this option, you have the added benefit of set-up assistance from a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will assist your team with training and best practices throughout your partnership with UpKeep. Your Customer Success Manager will take care of all your implementation needs to get your data inputted into UpKeep and get you started!

Premium implementation

With UpKeep’s premium implementation option, you’ll have all the benefits of our quick-start program, as well as have access to a Customer Success Manager, Integration Specialists, Implementation Specialists, and an Account Architect to tailor a solution to meet the needs of your team. This can also include a 3-day OnSite Training (restrictions do apply) to help get your team set-up and help your team create the customized reports desired. The UpKeep team will take care of all of your data importing needs and ensure that your team is set up for success with UpKeep. 

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