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Congratulations, Garris and Nicole, on your promotions within our Sales Org!

Ryan Chan

UpKeep announces our latest internal promotions!

Garris and Nicole – thank you for everything you do for your team, and our company as a whole. Here’s to you both!

Garris Yeung has been promoted to Sr. Director of Sales and will play an even more instrumental role in the executive planning of UpKeep in the years to come. UpKeep’s CEO, Ryan Chan, said the following about Garris’ contributions to the company, “Month after month, Garris has consistently grown as a leader and I couldn’t be more proud of him as he has helped shape the Sales team from ~5 people to 20+ in the last year alone. CONGRATULATIONS GARRIS!

From participating in inter-departmental contests to mentoring teammates, Garris is a key contributing factor to why team culture ranks #1 at UpKeep.

Next, Nicole Stehura has been promoted to Expansion Account Executive (AE)! CEO Ryan Chan excitedly shared the news of Nicole’s promotion, saying, “As an Expansion AE, Nicole will work closely with our customer success organization to expand the usage of UpKeep to our clients and bring in even more big deals!! CONGRATULATIONS, NICOLE!!

Nicole, you’re already such a leader within the sales team! Thank you for everything you do to help out new hires, your constant willingness to participate in cross-departmental committees, and your bubbly personality you bring to every conversation. We’re so excited to watch you grow even more in this new role!

To learn more about our current openings, visit www.onupkeep.com/careers!

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