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Customer Success Initiatives to Help Customers During COVID-19

Ryan Chan

Staying True to our Commitment to our Customers

Our Customer Success (CS) department have been seeking out new and creative ways to support and engage our customers! Especially during these challenging times, we constantly hear and see how our customers, who are amongst the hardest hit by COVID-19, are dealing with a completely new normal.

To help, the CS team had a brainstorming session to come up with initiatives that would help our customers during COVID-19. In that meeting, fifty ideas were born! Out of those fifty ideas, they committed to five ideas that they would see to completion.

The Five Initiatives

1. The Ultimate Binge List (UpKeep Edition)

Helping our customers navigate successfully through the rocky waters that are COVID-19 is our first priority at UpKeep. We’ve discovered the key to surviving this crisis requires equal parts discipline and distraction. After a well ordered day at work, what better way to distract from the doom and gloom than by perusing a carefully curated binge bonanza from the staff at UpKeep? Victoria Spillman-Johnson, our Customer Marketing Manager, and Irene Chang, our Implementation Manager, compiled a thoughtfully prepared list of UpKeep recommended TV shows, movies, podcasts, and book favorites that will keep our customers and their families entertained for months to come.

2. Short Videos

Rachel Wittlin, our Senior Implementation Manager, and Carl Matthews, our Customer Success Manager, decided they wanted to create short videos to send to customers letting them know that we’re here for them and we’re in this fight against COVID-19 together. Over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed companies have been bombarding customers with COVID-19 related emails. But, we wanted to provide something different by sending them videos of the person actually behind the screen. In each video, there’s instructions on how to book a time to speak to your point of contact here at UpKeep.

3. Client Bingo

In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, Elizabeth Johnson, Senior Customer Success Manager, and Peter Kim, our Technical Support Representative, created a bingo board to provide some fun relief to our customers who might be experiencing stress during this unique season. The board contains a variety of activities to encourage self-care and promote social impact. Some squares on the board are also specific tasks that only UpKeep customers can complete! The first three customers to get bingo win awesome prizes!

4. UpKeep Swag Bags

We also wanted to show our appreciation for the work that some of our highly impacted customers do. To brighten up their days even just a bit, Rachel Johnson, our Senior Customer Success Manager, and Benjamin On, our Technical Support Representative, decided to send over UpKeep swag bags. Items in the bag included an UpKeep shirt, license plate frame, phone wallet, and mug!

5. Snack Shipments

Lastly, Miji Zhou, our Manager of Customer Success, and Eitan Weisner, our Senior Customer Success Manager, wanted to come up with a way to support customers on the front lines, and had the idea of sending customers snacks so their teams could stay energized while they continued to work! To do this, they created and sent out a survey, and delivered snacks to customers who had signed up.

Closing Thoughts

Joseph Schmitt, our VP of Customer Success said,

“For me, the one thing I have been so impressed by going through COVID-19 has been our team’s unwavering commitment to our customers and our ability to quickly pivot and adjust to better support them. I am always so proud that our team genuinely loves going above and beyond to make meaningful and emotional connections with our customers. For them, serving our customers is not a transactional relationship, its personal. And, I love that! I love how our team finds the highest fulfillment and a sense of purpose to simply make people happy and help them succeed! Go Customer Success!”

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