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Go Team UpKeep! I can’t believe how much we’ve done!

Ryan Chan

2016 was quite a crazy year and I am so proud of our team at UpKeep for how much we’ve accomplished. I can honestly say that it couldn’t have been done without each and every team member here. We were just featured in TechCrunch!

In 2016, we took strides instead of steps.

We came into this space knowing that we wanted to do one simple thing and that was to create a simple, yet powerful, maintenance application for maintenance teams. For those that don’t know this space, it’s dominated by some very well funded companies rooted in some very very old and legacy solutions. While I always say that we have a lot of work ahead of us, I can also say that every single day we come 2 strides closer to that goal.


2017 will be a new and exciting chapter in UpKeep’s book.

It’s only January and I am so proud to announce that UpKeep will also be a part of the YC family and that we will grow together.

(For those of you that don’t know, Y Combinator is an accelerator program for young companies.)

It’ll likely be a bumpy road going forward, but I know that our goal and mission will move forward with us. Our goal is to make communication and task management for maintenance teams easier than ever. We want to empower our end users to strive for better maintenance processes. Allowing teams to make better and more informed decisions about maintenance.

I hope that you’ll join us along that ride!

If you’ve been curious to see what we’ve been up to (even if you’re not in the maintenance industry), you can always download our apps and sign up for a free trial!




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