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Ryan Chan

As we remain stuck at home to practice social distancing or observe shelter in place orders, many of us are itching to find things to do. To help pass the time, we can find books to read, shows to binge watch, and even recipes to follow to create a homemade meal. Another way we can make use of the time we have while being in self-quarantine is by learning from and listening to podcasts! Here is a list of maintenance and reliability podcasts you can listen to while getting ready for the day ahead!

Rob’s Reliability Project

Rob’s Reliability Project is a podcast hosted by Rob Kalwarowsky, an experienced reliability engineer who specializes in predictive maintenance, spare parts management, and more. Rob created this podcast for reliability and maintenance people looking to better themselves both at work and at home.

Rooted in Reliability

Rooted in Reliability is a podcast hosted by James Kovacevic, Host and Founder of High Performance Reliability. In every episode, James covers common industry challenges, dives deep into critical maintenance and reliability issues, shares new tips and techniques to help those in the industry to achieve best practices, and shines a light on widely debated maintenance topics with special guest experts.

Reliability Radio

Reliability Radio brings you the latest information on reliability from and Uptime Magazine. There are over 220 episodes to choose from, covering a wide range of topics and featuring industry thought leaders as special guests.

Masterminds in Maintenance

Masterminds in Maintenance is a podcast for those with new ideas in maintenance. Each week, our CEO, Ryan Chan, meets with a guest who has had an idea for how to shake things up in the maintenance and reliability industry. Sometimes the idea failed, sometimes it made their businesses more successful, and other times their idea revolutionized entire industries.

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