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March 22, 2019: New Automated Workflow Conditions

Ryan Chan

Get ready to automate! This week we released additional conditions for our automated workflows to help UpKeep administrators eliminate tedious tasks and expedite their internal processes for Work Orders, Requests, and Purchase Orders.

Administrators can make sure they never miss a full night’s rest by setting an automatic workflow for all work orders and or requests that are created or closed during specific hours. With this new And condition, administrators can ensure all work orders created during any timeframe are assigned to the appropriate user or team, assigned a category, or even assigned an asset. Whoa, the possibilities! By setting this new workflow, administrators can rest easy knowing their work orders and requests are getting taken care of in real-time and they don’t even have to be awake to make that happen!

Not only do administrators have the ability to get work done in their sleep but they can now automate the action required when the status of a purchase order is updated. Instead of manually assigning a purchase order to a vendor, or sending an email reminder once a purchase order has been approved, they can set a workflow and let UpKeep do all the work.

And last, but definitely not least, UpKeep administrators can now enforce data integrity for their requests, purchase orders, and work orders with the new And condition, “No Value Set”. This new condition allows administrators to ensure all necessary categories, locations, assets, and users are assigned to their requests, work orders, and/or purchase orders by automatically assigning the necessary data if it is left blank. If that wasn’t impressive enough, administrators can also create a flow to send an email reminder to the appropriate user when an entry doesn’t contain all of the required information. Whoa!

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