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May 24, 2019: Required Fields For Closing Work Orders and Meters Revamp

Ryan Chan

Ideally, everyone wants to go into the weekend with some good news. This week we are sending our customers into the weekend with some GREAT news! This week’s product release included some huge updates to our Meters page and *drum roll* added the ability to set required fields for closing a work order! We know how important data integrity is to our customers and how imperative it is for UpKeep administrators to be able to enforce data entry in the fields that matter most. This new capability enables administrators to capture the data they need to effectively run reports and gather necessary information required to make informed decisions about their facilities and their teams. Let’s walk through the steps of how to utilize this new feature:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select “Work Order Configuration”
  3. Select Completing a work order
  4. Select the dropdown menu for each item on a work order and select Optional, Hidden, or Required as desired.

Let’s keep the good times rollin by talking about the epic updates we made to our Meters page. Hold on tight because there are a lot of new items we have here to discuss. First, lets put a spotlight on the new and improved design of the entire Meters page:

With the new table view, our users can see all desired information for each meter at a quick glance. Notice, each meter’s location and asset is linked so users can easily navigate to the relevant pages and gather additional information.

Now let’s go ahead and view a meter.

Wow, that looks fresh! Now when viewing the information for an individual meter, our users will see the meter’s information as a side panel, similar to when viewing a work order on the work order page.

Lets take a look at some of the new functionalities! When viewing the “History” tab for each meter, UpKeep users will now be able to export the meter reading for each individual meter and select the date range for the export.

Users will also now have the ability to edit individual meter readings:

Keep the new features comin! When adding a meter, users will now find the ability to add a meter category, assign a photo the the meter, AND assign a user to the meter.

Meter categories can be managed under the “Categories” page. Getta categorizing!

We’re not done yet! Last, but certainly not least, we have added the ability to customize the work order that is created from a work order trigger. Work order triggers allow UpKeep users to create work orders according to meter readings. We heard from our customers that even though work order triggers is an awesome feature, being able to customize the information assigned to the work order would be even more awesome. You spoke up, and we listened! UpKeep users can now add an image, include the estimated duration, set priority, assign a category, assign additional workers, assign a team, assign a location, assign an asset, add a purchase order, add form items, and add files to any work order trigger.

Whew, that was a lot of great stuff! Head on over to the UpKeep app and check out all these amazing updates for yourself!

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