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Life at UpKeep Episode 05: Peter Kim, Customer Success Associate

Ryan Chan

Life at UpKeep!

“Life at UpKeep” is an employee spotlight blog series, where we showcase the amazing people and teams in our company doing amazing work together!

Through the eyes of our very own UpKeepers, you’ll get a glimpse into our company culture, our team’s big and small wins, how members of our team came to join and love UpKeep, and so much more! 

Meet Our Teammate!

We are excited to chat with Peter Kim, our awesome Customer Success Associate, Korean Club Co-President, and UpKeep’s September Leader of the Month! Peter is a truly collaborative and knowledgeable team member, who does everything with a smile on his face and a can-do attitude. Not only does he provide world-class support to our amazing customers, but he also goes out of his way to care for and uplift our customers who have been impacted by COVID-19 by sending gift cards and UpKeep swag! We are so grateful to have him on the team! Here is his interview with our CEO, Ryan!

Ryan: What’s up, Peter! Could you start us off by sharing what your role is at UpKeep, and some of your responsibilities?

Peter: Absolutely! So my role here is proactively helping UpKeep users as a Customer Success Associate. I have three key responsibilities in this role which are: 

  1. Reaching out to our managed accounts or otherwise our larger clients and acting as an advisor to make sure they are set up for success. As an example, I would provide webinars that are relevant to their teams needs or give them updates on new upcoming features
  2. Is helping all our customers on the Support side that reach us by live chat, email or phone. I mainly help them out with their How-to questions. That can include, guiding them on how to set up a preventative maintenance work order.
  3. Creating lots of training or tutorial videos that are up to date with our product updates. Whether its an account set-up or technician training video, I create these videos so every customer’s teams, from the field technicians to maintenance managers are well equipped in using our application.

Ryan: How did you find out about UpKeep? And, what made you want to join the team? 

Peter: This takes me back to memory lane. I found out about UpKeep through Linkedin. So around June of last year, I got a message from Joe, our Head of Customer Success, and he asked me if I was interested in a Technical Support Associate role. At the time, I was working for a different start-up company, but it turns out someone I used to work with there happened to be at UpKeep. And that is Roy, our Account Executive. Roy if you are listening to this, much thanks to you!

So ultimately, what made me want to join the team was the great interview I had with Joe as well as the honest insight from Roy on how the company is overall. I can say now looking back I made the right choice as I learned so many new skills and met a lot of good people here.

Ryan: Currently, what’s a project you’ve been working on that you’re really proud of? Or, maybe a project you’ve already completed that you still think about?

Peter: Great question. A project that I recently wrapped up on was reaching out to our customers whose businesses were affected by COVID-19. Especially customers in industries that were hit hard such as restaurants or hotel tourism. It was nice to make those initial calls and help them as people more than just customers. Just to be a listening ear and providing them resources like sanitation checklists or learning resources for technicians who were temporarily out of work was gratifying and something I’m proud of especially during these times.

Doing this project also helped me understand how the pandemic situation is like for our customers throughout other parts of the area such as the MidWest, East Coast, or even overseas.

Ryan: What’s something you love about UpKeep?

Peter: I love that we are a team of builders. Everyone here from every department truly puts in the work and helps build everything…literally everything from scratch. I see Sales building strategies to get potential prospects onboard with using our software. I see Engineering building out new features to enhance our web and mobile applications. I see our Operations Team building out amazing activities during our Lunch and Learns to make it feel like we’re back in the office even though we’re all working remotely. Even in the Customer Success Department that I’m in, we build rapport with our customers to make sure it’s not just a software they’re getting, but a good experience with maintained relationships.

At the end, for me it’s the community of builders we have here that I love the most.

Ryan: That’s awesome, Peter. Thank you for everything you do and thanks for joining me in this episode of Life at UpKeep! 

If anyone on the team wants to connect with me, feel free to shoot me a Slack or an email at [email protected]

Hope to connect with you all soon! Talk to you guys later!

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