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Life at UpKeep Episode 06: Renee Hernandez, Technical Support Representative

Ryan Chan

Life at UpKeep!

“Life at UpKeep” is an employee spotlight blog series, where we showcase the amazing people and teams in our company doing amazing work together!

Through the eyes of our very own UpKeepers, you’ll get a glimpse into our company culture, our team’s big and small wins, how members of our team came to join and love UpKeep, and so much more! 

Meet Our Teammate!

We are excited to chat with Renee Hernandez, our awesome Technical Support Representative! Renee provides outstanding support for our customers daily, and she has been such an amazing addition to the UpKeep family! She is an exceptional teammate who truly cares for everyone, and it’s no wonder why our customers feel the same way about her too! Here is her interview with our CEO, Ryan!

Ryan: What’s up, Renee! Could you start us off by sharing what your role is at UpKeep, and some of your responsibilities?

Renee: So my team is the frontline support for all our UpKeep customers! And my day-to-day is usually to:

  1. Communicate with customers and answer product questions to ensure that they are using UpKeep to its fullest potential.
  2. Help diagnose technical problems and get our engineering team looped in.
  3. Serve as the voice of the customer and collect feedback to help make UpKeep the absolute best experience. 
  4. All while providing each customer with world class support!

Ryan: How did you find out about UpKeep? And, what made you want to join the team? 

Renee: I was casually just searching through LinkedIn, but wasn’t really looking to actually apply. But, when I came across UpKeep’s account and read the company’s mission, I was super intrigued! Just a little background on my life — my dad (who is now retired) owned an electrical company where he provided wiring services. So, I really love the fact that UpKeep is looking to make the lives of the deskless workforce that much easier! 

I found that there was an opening for something I had experience with, and Tyler who’s on the recruiting team was absolutely amazing. I never looked back.

Ryan: Currently, what’s a project you’ve been working on that you’re really proud of? Or, maybe a project you’ve already completed that you still think about?

Renee:  I actually created my first ever webinar on how to download meter reading! It was so much fun and I really enjoyed making it!

Ryan: What’s something you love about UpKeep?

Peter: The culture and the people! I started working at UpKeep when the stay-at-home order just got put in place. So, I’ve only met everyone here through Zoom. But, everyone here made me feel welcomed! 

Ryan: That’s awesome, Renee. Thank you for everything you do and thanks for joining me in this episode of Life at UpKeep! 

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