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Meter based planned preventative maintenance is maintenance

Ryan Chan

Planned preventative maintenance

This type of maintenance is performed for general upkeep and to stop a breakdown before it can occur. The best way to plan preventative maintenance is to use meter-based readings. Meter-based readings track the activity and measure the condition of equipment, such as the number of hours an equipment has been in use, how far it has driven or a certain mileage, and other operating conditions. Once a condition or usage level is reached, an alert is triggered that produces a technician work order and saves the information to a CMMS asset history.

Using trigger based meter readings

To better understand how meter-based triggers work, let’s look at a construction company that has a large fleet of trucks for deliveries to and from its facilities. Knowing the condition of each truck, especially on busy nights, is essential to run a successful operation. If a truck suddenly breaks down because of an issue such as an empty tank, then it could seriously hamper a delivery and cause a loss in revenue. A meter-based reading can track the mileage of your fleet maintenance. For example, you can set a meter alert for the driver to make an oil change every 6,000 miles, keeping your driver safe and operations running smoothly.

Creating an asset history

When a meter-based reading is created, it creates an asset history for that piece of equipment; It can later help further improve preventative management by assessing how well a maintenance repair went and if preventative maintenance should be scheduled when a different condition is met or at a later or earlier time. Additional maintenance triggers that are not based only on time include event triggers, such as if a fire were to occur, and condition triggers, such as if equipment drops below or rises above a certain temperature. Tracking aspects of PM other than those based on time paints a more detailed picture of what has gone wrong with equipment and the best method to repair.

Customizing your triggers for better maintenance

Custom triggers help you stay organized, which is important to properly plan ahead and avoid incidents in the future. You can customize the readings in whatever way works best for your maintenance management needs. Take the time to set up meter-based reading triggers to get the best experience from your CMMS.

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