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UpKeep Update: Multi-Site Module


Today, we are so excited to announce the launch of the Multi-Site Module! 

The Multi-Site Module is a powerful tool that will take your maintenance insights to the next level. Previously, users who wanted to access multiple sites had to log in and out of UpKeep. Now, users can easily switch between multiple sites and analyze multiple streams of data in one click.  

What is the Multi-Site Module? 

Multi-Site Module

UpKeep’s Multi-Site Module lets users with multiple sites access information wherever and whenever they need it. UpKeep is easier to use than ever before for companies with multiple sites and allows users to easily switch between accounts. 

“UpKeep’s Multisite Module is, by far, the best new feature release of the year! Not only can we report on every UpKeep data point across our 8 locations, we can now seamlessly switch accounts within different locations and drill down into the data to measure team performance. The multisite module is a game-changer in increasing visibility across the entire company.”

– John Fini, National Reliability Manager, Rehrig

Admins can select the Multi-Site module as a product add-on to access multi-site reporting features. 

How can the Multi-Site Module help maintenance teams?

Maintenance teams can now better extract insights in less steps. For medium and large-sized businesses looking to streamline operations and costs across multiple locations and facilities, the Multi-Site Module is the perfect way to get started. With the Multi-Site Module add-on, UpKeepers can now:  

  • Easily switch between multiple sites and accounts with a single login
  • Customized reporting and analytics across multiple sites
  • Compare and contrast facilities across multiple locations under a single account

To really understand maintenance cost trends across multiple sites, you need the ability to easily see the data as a whole. The Multi-Site Module will let you easily switch between accounts and examine data trends. These insights include important metrics that rely on information from multiple sites, like OEE, MTBF, and schedule compliance. The Multi-Site Module lets you do what you do best and has us take care of the rest across multiple sites.  

How to get started with the Multi-Site Module

Contact one of our UpKeep product specialists to learn more about how to get started with the Multi-Site Module on your UpKeep account. The Multi-Site Module is available as an add-on for any of our user packages.

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