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October 11, 2019: Set of Parts, Filter Assets by Operational Status, Location Redesign & More!

Ryan Chan

Boy golly, it is a big week here at UpKeep! Let’s jump right in and see what new and exciting features UpKeepers can start taking advantage of this week. Starting in the lineup is Set of Parts! We could not be more excited to bring this feature to our customers as this feature has been in high demand and something we know will improve the workflow for all of our customers. Creating a set of parts allows users to group parts in their inventory so they can easily be added to an asset and/or work order with just one click.

Assign Set of Parts to an asset

Assign Set of Parts to a work order

To take advantage of this new feature, UpKeepers can navigate to the “Part/Inventory” page and select the new “Set of Parts” tab at the top of the page. After creating a set or multiple sets, you will then see your sets appear as an option to assign to each asset and work order!

Filter Assets by Operational Status

UpKeepers can now filter their assets by the Operational status. This enables our customers to filter their data to a more granular level and easily identify which assets are non-operational. This new filter will not only enable our users to easily identify which of their assets are non-operational but will also allow them to filter by their customized asset statuses.

Locations Redesign

If you have logged into your UpKeep app today, then you may have noticed the Locations page has a brand new look! Not only does the Locations page have a sleek new look but UpKeepers can now drag and drop their sublocations to place their sublocations in any order they please! If alphabetical isn’t your preferred view, go ahead and drag and drop your sublocations into your desired order.


You thought that was the end of the list? Well, lucky for you we have another new feature to announce this week! UpKeepers can now export their Vendors and Customers lists! Our customers let us know they needed the ability to export the information stored in their account for their Vendors and Customers. You spoke up, and we listened! UpKeepers will now see a new “Export” option when viewing their Vendors & Customers page which when selected will initiate a CSV  export of all the data being stored for each Vendor/Customer.

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