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The Ops Team Ventures to an Escape Room for Team Bonding Night!

Ryan Chan

Members of the Operations Team successfully completed The Den of the Occult Escape Room!

Team Culture Ranks #1 at UpKeep

It’s no secret why UpKeep was recently listed as one of Built in LA’s best places to work! We’re located in the heart of Westwood, so we have ample opportunities in our own backyard for fun team bonding

Last night, the UpKeep Ops Team took our knack for puzzles and penchant for spooky, Halloween-themed mischief to an Escape Room!

While Escape Rooms were unfamiliar territory for some of us, we all went into the experience with open minds and hearty hopes to BREAK THE ROOM RECORD!

A rare sighting – Ryan Chan succumbs to using a walkie-talkie for help for the first time – 24 minutes and 32 seconds into the experience. In the background, UpKeep’s Chief of Staff, Caitlyn Young, and Tyler The Recruiter decode an ancient, spellbinding language.

Progress Over Perfection

In no particular order, here are a list of things we, the Operations Team, learned during this team adventure of Escape Rooms, followed by an Indian food dinner:

  • It’s okay to ask for help, especially when there’s a deadline. Specifically, a one-hour deadline to decipher a made-up language and find hidden elements.
  • Facing your fears is important for growth! We were relieved to find out that no lasers or cavernous holes were involved in the Escape Room.
  • Papa John’s Pizza has objectively – according to Ryan – the BEST garlic sauce. Taste tests to come.
  • Everyone has a different leadership style and each one of us provides a unique perspective to the team as a whole!

And that’s a wrap!! We look forward to many more quarterly team bonding nights!

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