Workers at the General Motors Wentzville assembly plant (pictured above) are on furlough. But other manufacturing workers considered essential must still report to work, though many fear for their health.

How to Create a Safety Checklist in UpKeep

Ryan Chan

An essential frontline worker at the General Motors Wentzville assembly plant in Missouri (pictured above). Image Source: Carolina Hidalgo | St. Louis Public Radio

Now more than ever, business leaders across the globe are coming up with novel ways and procedures to prioritize employee and facility safety. Federal and state-mandated guidelines are changing daily. With typical business flow in flux, many are wondering how they can use this time to enhance safety procedures for employees, especially essential businesses that are still operating, like food manufacturing facilities or hospitals.

Our mission is to empower maintenance teams

At UpKeep, our mission is to serve the millions of trusted leaders in maintenance, who are at the forefront of keeping our world safe and running. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve made available on our blog free checklists for safe grocery shopping, checklists for safe business sanitization and operations, and more.

Many are wondering if it’s possible to upload these free checklists into UpKeep as part of a regular preventive maintenance safety check on equipment. In fact, you indeed can use the templates we’ve provided to make your own personalized checklists to meet the safety needs of your business.

Protect the health of your employees and customers with safety checklists in UpKeep

You can add checklists, or a list of to-do items, to any work order that you create in UpKeep. Often, these checklists are relied upon by maintenance technicians for routine inspections that are part of a larger work order, such as a safety inspection on piping. However, you can create your own specialized checklists in light of the current events.

Whereas paper checklists are often misplaced, UpKeep’s digital checklists are always with you from anywhere on-the-go; whether it is from a healthy social distance on the frontlines, or from your makeshift home office. UpKeep’s checklists are excellent tools for communication because they standardize employee health and safety procedures, giving your business a clear digital snapshot of each precise measure you and your employees are taking to keep all equipment safe.

Hundreds of thousands of users, including McCormick and Rehrig Pacific, are successfully using UpKeep everyday to ensure safety protocols are meticulously followed by each team member. With a tap of a button, technicians report to their supervisors when each small task is completed for the day.

We’ve broken it down for you on how you can create a checklist with UpKeep’s free work order software.

How to Create Checklist Templates On Web

  1. Click Settings
  2. Select the Checklist Tab
  3. Select + Add Checklist

Click this image to see a real-life example of a user creating a checklist in UpKeep’s web app

4. Enter Checklist Name 

5. Select the “+Add Task” button

6. Enter Task (Example: Sanitize countertops)

7. Select from the following Task types

a. Sub Task Status (Open, On Hold, In Progress, Closed)

b. Text Field (Example: Sanitize each countertop using bleach solution.)

c. Number Field (Example: 99)

d. Inspection Check (Pass, Flag, Fail)

e. Multiple Choice (Create at least two options to choose from)

f. Meter Reading (Have the number entered update your Meter Reading)

8. Select Asset and/or User Assigned

9. Select the “+ Task” button to add additional form items.

10. Select Save Checklist

Click this image to see a real-life example of a user saving a checklist in UpKeep’s web app

Note: You can see a Preview of your Checklist on the right side of your screen

Click this image to see the preview of your checklist in UpKeep’s web app

How to create Task Form/Checklist Templates On Mobile

  1. Click Settings”
  2. Select Form Templates, then click the Plus Sign”
  3. Enter Form Template Name 
  4. Select the Plus Sign”
  5. Select from the follow Task Form/Checklist types
    1. Task (Open, On Hold, In Progress, Closed)
    2. Text Input Form (Example: Sanitize countertops)
    3. Number Input Form (Example: 99)
    4. Checklist Input Form(Pass, Flag, Fail)
    5. Multiple Choice Input Form (Create at least two options to choose from)
    6. Meter Reading (Have the number entered update your Meter Reading)
  6. Enter Task or Form Question
  7. Select the “Done”
  8. Select Save
Click this image to see a real-life example of a user creating a checklist in UpKeep's mobile app

Click this image to see a real-life example of a user creating a checklist in UpKeep’s mobile app

How to Add Task Form/Checklist Templates to a Work Order

  1. Start by Creating a Work Order
  2. On the “Work Orders” navigate to Add Tasks
  3. To Add individual items select +Task, to add your Checklist select +Checklist

​On Web:

On Mobile:

Click this image to see a real-life example of a user adding a checklist to a work order in UpKeep’s mobile app

Note: Want to automatically add your Checklist to your Work orders? Utilize our Automated Work Flows

Taking action in UpKeep and staying safe

While much remains uncertain, we are here to support our hundreds of thousands of UpKeep users across the globe to accomplish more everyday.

Maintenance managers alike can rest easy from anywhere knowing that essential safety protocols have been followed at their companies. Technicians no longer have to rely on memory to know what new health tasks are needed to follow; instead, they simply open the UpKeep app on their phones and check when every safety task is complete.

A small safety check can go a long way in the communal efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 around the globe.

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