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Supporting Our Community – Australian Wildfires

Ryan Chan

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The current wildfires in Australia have been burning for months, but drastically worsened in recent weeks. Our team works out of Southern California, a region not unfamiliar to the havoc that wildfires can wreak.

This week, we’re supporting the firefighters in New South Wales (NSW) as they work to contain these massive brushfires. NSW is the worst affected region and many of the larger fires in the territory are inching closer to Sydney. The firefighters in NSW are therefore not only focused on minimizing the effects on wildlife and natural landscapes, but also on the infrastructure that supports the city’s population of 5.3 million people. Australian authorities are concerned now with protecting water plants, dams, pumping stations, pipes, and other infrastructure essential to supplying Sydney’s people with water. Fortunately, the water infrastructure has not yet been damaged, but the ash and falling, burnt debris pose a threat to the quality of water in the entire NSW region.

The water systems outside Sydney are just one example of the infrastructure damage brought on by the current wildfires. Other systems that are likely to suffer include roadways, building structures, and power and electricity networks. The fires are not showing signs of slowing down, we’re anticipating the time, money, and human-power of the recovery efforts that firefighters will also undertake.

To our customers and friends in Australia, we’re thinking of you in this trying time. We hope you and your loved ones are safe, and please know that we are here to support you in many ways.

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