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Supporting our Maintenance Community – Friends of Riverside Cemetery

Ryan Chan

UpKeep Donates to Maintenance Needs in our Communities

So often, we forget the many ways maintenance affects the world around us. Just like any other facility, cemetery grounds require a great deal of preventative maintenance as well reactive maintenance. It’s so important for us to remember that there are maintenance heroes who keep these grounds beautiful – some like Friends of Riverside Cemetery who are doing so on a purely voluntarily basis!

This week, UpKeep was honored to donate to the Riverside Cemetery’s maintenance fund to support their volunteers’ needs for grounds maintenance and landscaping.

Riverside Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Perry County KY. Up until recently, the cemetery had been neglected with no official body to take responsibility for the maintenance. The non profit organization, Friends of Riverside Cemetery, was created by a small group of concerned citizens who wanted to turn this cemetery back into something that Hazard, KY could be proud of.

Friends of Riverside Cemetery is run strictly by donations. Donations are used for things such as hiring help, gas, oil, equipment, equipment maintenance, water and drinks, grass seed, weed killer, gravel, and more. The non-profit organization’s ultimate goal is to raise enough money to buy a zero turn mower which would make cutting grass so much quicker and easier. They are also looking to buy things such as a new sign, lighting, and fencing. Their moonshot goal is to purchase a permanent dumpster if they can raise enough donations.

Please consider joining us in supporting Friends of Riverside Cemetery’s efforts to revitalize and maintain the final resting places for their beloved community members by donating here.


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