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UpKeep Virtual Club Recruitment Fair

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At UpKeep, it’s important to us that everyone stays connected even when working remotely. In fact, keeping company culture alive and helping our team feel a sense of security, normalcy and empowerment have been top of mind for us as we navigate through this unique season. To continue in our efforts to keep spirits high and connection strong, we decided to host a Virtual Club Recruitment Fair!

How it Works

First, we asked our entire team what clubs they would like to see at UpKeep on Slack! This was to spark conversation around shared interests across the team.

Then, we gathered all the responses on a Google Spreadsheet and asked members of our team to sign up to be a captain or co-captains. At the Virtual Club Recruitment Fair, captains were tasked to share a description of their club and recruit members to their private club Slack channel!

Our Clubs

Here are the thirty clubs that we have created at UpKeep!

Club Name Slack Channel Club Captain Description
Animal Crossing #club-animalcrossing Miji Community of Animal Crossing islanders and fans! Here you can share tales of your terraforming dos and don’ts, post fun pics of rare fish or bugs you’ve captured, plan trips to your friends’ islands, vent about how much you hate turnips, and overall help your fellow islanders get their island to a 5/5 rating!
Photography Club #club-photography Steve A place to share beautiful stuff, in case you need an escape for a few minutes.
Book Club #club-books Elizabeth & Katie F. Book club with monthly zooms to discuss.
Cats of UpKeep #club-catsofupkeep Amna UpKeep’s paw-some club for anything and everything cat related! Share pictures, stories, and memes of your purr-fect fur babies.
Chess Club #club-chess Heather & Jared Whether you’re a chess novice or a life-long enthusiast, come to learn new strategies, practice, and compete in the world’s second oldest game!
Cooking Club #club-cooking Ashley A space to see what the UpKeep team is whipping up the kitchen, share delicious recipes, and most of all share our undying love for food.
Creative Coding Club #club-creativecoding Steve A safe space to do fun coding. Everyone welcome! No pressure or experience necessary! Want to learn to code? Want to learn a different technology even though you can already code? Come join to play and mentor others!
Film and TV Club #club-filmandtv Amna & Wade This club is open to all TV Show and Film fanatics! Share your current watches, recommendations, and reviews.
Disney Club #club-disney Jori & Rebecca Disney Club is dedicated to all things Disney! From the movies, to the parks, to the shopping, and more. So, whether you’ve been a Pin Collector for the past decade or looking to start a new venture, come discover your magic with UpKeep’s Disney Club. Adventure is out there!
Espresso Club #club-espresso Gary Club Espresso is about experiencing the art, the precision, and the euphoria of the perfect shot of concentrated coffee and delicious crema. Club Espresso is the journey of its members in the limitless pursuit for perfection by means of the machinery, the technique, and the timing.
Fitness Club #club-fitness Rebecca, Peter, & Michael E. This club is for all things fitness! Find your new workout buddy, post your favorite fitness youtube video, share your squat modification, anything fitness is fair game. From beginner to workout pro, we keep it fun while breaking a sweat!
Grilling Club #club-grilling Gary & Jungho Smoke, grill, fire it up!
Gaming Club #club-gaming Dale Gaming Club is here to answer your board and video gaming questions, share what you are playing, and organize UpKeep tournaments.
Good Food LA Club #club-goodfoodla Jay Come expert level foodies, come entry level toast makers!! We’ll be sharing the latest restaurant experiences – what to get, where to get it, and why it’s recommended in the greater LA area.
Hawai’i Club #club-hawaii Katie C Come celebrate the Aloha State’s food and culture. Let’s luau!
Korean Club #club-한국어 Jungho, Peter 안녕! This is a community where you can learn about the Korean culture and language! Whether its learning conversational Korean, talking about Korean dramas, or even sharing good Korean food recipes, come join us to have a good time!
Magic The Gathering #club-magicthegathering Henry Calling all wizards, planes walkers, zombies, and clerics – this is a club where we will join tournaments, host drafts, and discuss the strategic card game, MTG!
Mindfulness Club #club-mindfulness Arie Partnered with UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, this is a space to share mindful awareness resources across the lifespan through education, research, and practice. Learn more about how to enhance focus, boost mental health, and create more work-life balance.
Music Club #club-music Carl Community centered around good music!
Personal Finances Club #club-personalfinances Drake The original UpKeep club to talk about different wealth building strategies!
Pupkeep #club-pupkeep Tyler Post fun pics of your pups! Share your K-9 wisdom with the community. Need some doggo advice? We got you!
Social Impact Club #club-socialimpact Hilary & Elizabeth A space to discuss all things impact and how we can collectively make the world a better place. Whether it’s a cool volunteering opportunity, an organization you love, an article, or anything else social impact related, this is the place to share it!
Sneakers Club #club-sneakers Jason V. A sneaker appreciation society.
Sports Club #club-sportsball Jason L. UpKeep’s place to talk sports and rep your teams!
Sustainability Club #club-sustainability Sophie Sustainability Club is about brainstorming and working as a team to make UpKeep a more sustainable company, as well as a place where we can all share ideas on how to be more environmentally friendly in our own lives.
Travel Club #club-travel Nate Got the travel bug? Well, this is the club for you! Join to tell stories and share photos of your favorite destinations, along with the best activities and restaurants to visit while you’re there!
True Crime Club #club-truecrime Renee For all the True Crime Fanatics out there, come share podcast, show, documentary recommendations and more. We’ll choose a show to follow along together so we can discuss our thoughts and guess who did it!
UpKeep Annihilators #club-upkeepannihilators Kyle The greatest Kickball team to ever grace this earth. Lead by team-captain Kyle, we contend against other companies in the greater Venice area. We sometimes win, but always have a really really good time. Feel free to come out and support your local Annihilators every Tuesday, and occasionally Thursday, night. We are all excited and amped to be competing for UpKeep’s first championship right now!
Vino #club-vino Justin & Victoria The official wine club at UpKeep. Come talk about the wines we like and love, exchange recommendations, and do tastings after 5:00pm.
Wheels #club-wheels Justin UpKeep’s Car Club! Automotive culture, news, events and new tech.

Team Culture Ranks #1 at UpKeep

UpKeep is on Built in LA’s 2019 list of best places to work, and this is why – we constantly strive to make UpKeep an amazing place to work!

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