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Keeping Up With UpKeep in the News: October 25, 2019

Ryan Chan

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We’re mobile-first, so we turned our Teslas into UpKeepMobiles… Here’s why!

The secret’s out. Ryan Chan’s passion pushed him to build the UpKeep product. But he slowly discovered his purpose comes from the people within the maintenance community. Little did he know how all of this would make an appearance at his wedding..his car.. and more!

Unsung Heroes of Maintenance

Our CEO, Ryan Chan, shares the heroes in maintenance who have inspired his journey to improve reliability and beyond through technology. Learn more here!

UpKeep Maintenance Management Founder Ryan Chan: ‘Get in front of customers as much as you can’

Learn more about Ryan Chan’s maintenance and reliability journey, as well as how customer commitment is a core value to UpKeep. Ryan opens up about the people who have inspired him along the way, as well as his hopes for the future.

Manufacturing tomorrow’s workforce podcast

Christine LaFave Grace is joined by Ryan Chan, founder and CEO of Upkeep, a provider of CMMS and EAM tools as well as centers to support predictive maintenance. They’ll discuss Plant Service’s recent Workforce Survey results, the growing importance of maintenance personnel and the need to better sell these jobs to the potential workforce.

Five Restaurant Maintenance Tips To Boost Your Bottom Line

Warren Wu, UpKeep’s Growth Marketing Manager, shares quick and easy tips on how to incorporate preventive maintenance schedules into restaurants to improve savings overall.

Top 5 Preventive Maintenance Tasks For Restaurants

Warren Wu shares simple ways for restaurants to improve preventive maintenance programs through using sensors, paying attention to HVAC systems, and more.

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